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How to Get Basic Cable for Free, Best Options in 2024

How to Get Basic Cable TV Channels for Free

This guide lists the best ways to get free cable TV channels and watch basic cable for free, as we are in an era where everything can be found online. The same is the case with online streaming and video content.

There are several options by which you get access to free TV channels without paying for a cable connection. Find some working options to get free live streaming of TV shows and movies without subscribing to an expensive cable package.

According to a report by NBCNews, the average American spends around $100 monthly on cable TV bills, which is around $1200 a year. It is a significant amount to pay to watch TV.

How to Get Free Basic Cable TV in 2024

What if we give you some options by which you get access to free TV channels and save this considerable amount? Yes, various cheaper alternatives to cable TV enable you to watch local and international channels without engaging in illegal activity. 

Use YouTube Live and Videos 

YouTube offers content for almost every niche. It is one of the largest video hosting platforms on the internet. The option of YouTube TV is one of the most reliable video hosting services currently available. It is one of the best cable TV alternatives where you can access over 100 networks with the best video quality. 

Recently, YouTube introduced the “YouTube Premium,” a paid version of traditional YouTube. If you don’t want ads to interrupt you, you may subscribe to YouTube Premium. You get priority content, multiple live TV and IPTV options, and more. 

Go for HDTV Antennas

The number of HDTV antennas in the US has increased by up to 25%, which means these antennas are making a significant change. These antennas are not typical devices we install near the TV; instead, these are smart and best for live streaming in the modern era. In the USA, HDTV antennas work better than basic cable TV.

It catches solid signals and broadcasts hundreds of TV channels. If you live near the central suburbs, you will get over 100 channels on your HDTV antenna. 

To get the exact idea of how many channels your antenna will catch, you may use the AntennaWeb website ( Just put your area zip code or address, giving you the nearest idea of how many free over-the-air channels are available near you. 

If you live in the USA, an HDTV antenna is an option to eliminate cable TV fees. It gives you access to free primary cable channels in your area. If you are living near the city, then it is more beneficial. There are different types of antennas available.

For example, you may use a directional, multi-directional, or common-directional antenna. Each antenna offers its benefits. For example, a directional antenna is best if you know all the broadcasting towers are located in the same direction.

Similarly, a multi-directional antenna should be your choice if the broadcasting towers are split in multiple directions. Again, an omnidirectional antenna will work better for channels spread in various directions than the other two categories. 

Get a Video Streaming Service 

If you want a cheaper cable TV alternative, choose a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crackle TV, or YouTube Premium. In video streaming services, you don’t get any DMCA issues, and you watch video content in a completely legal way. 

​​As cable TV costs around $100, if you go with a video streaming service, it will cost you roughly $15 a month. For example, if we talk about the Netflix subscription plans, its basic version starts from $8.99 a month, and you get access to unlimited movies and TV shows in standard video quality. 

Similarly, you get the Netflix Standard plan for $12.99 a month and access unlimited HD video content on more than one screen at a time. Netflix Premium will cost you $15.99 and will include an option to watch HD and Ultra HD content on over two screens. Similarly, tens of other options are available, such as Disney+, SonyLiv, and many more like these. 

Use Online Cable TV Service for Streaming 

You can find online cable TV options, such as, to access well-known TV shows, programs, and the latest news. Similarly, you may visit network websites such as,,, and to access live TV and other video content.

If you want to save money, then it is a good option. All you need is a good internet package on your phone or smart TV, and then you can use this streaming mode to the fullest. 

You hardly get free cable TV, and there is no exact alternative to traditional cable TV. However, these online sources give you the option to get access to primary TV and video channels.

HDTV antenna is the best option, and you may try it. Another best outcome of this guide is YouTube. It is a free service from Google, but you should go for it if you can afford its Premium package fee. 

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