Despite Being a Motivating Fitness Tracker, Apple Watch Won’t Help You Lose Weight, According to Experts

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

Despite being one of the most well-liked fitness trackers on the market, Apple has never openly acknowledged the Apple Watch’s potential as a weight loss aid.

According to recent research, wearing a fitness tracker like the Apple Watch “doesn’t necessarily give people the motivation to change their behavior,” according to a new article from the Washington Post.

The report provides an overview of numerous studies on the effects of fitness trackers on physical activity, motivation, and alterations in things like weight and blood pressure. According to John Jakicic, a professor at the University of Kansas who specializes in obesity and weight regulation, “if you give people information, they’ll do something to change their behavior” is the underlying premise of products like the Apple Watch.

Actually, over longer stretches of time, this isn’t the case. Apple informed the Washington Post in response to this story that it “does not track research about weight loss because that is not the focus of the Apple Watch.

However, it did cite a 2018 study that discovered people who received Apple Watch rewards for achieving specific goals “had a 34 percent average increase of tracked activity days per month, and that persisted after the end of the program.”

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