The UK Apple Store has already noted the launch of the iPhone 15 in 2023

iPhone 15 in UK Apple store
iPhone 15 in UK Apple store

In the autumn and holiday season of the following year, when the iPhone 15 range is anticipated to be on sale, at least one Apple Store in the UK expects an abnormally high level of foot traffic.


Employees at Apple Milton Keynes are not permitted to take time off between September 15, 2023, and October 7, 2023, or between December 2, 2023, and the beginning of January 2024. During this “embargo,” store managers will not authorize any requests for leave.

Apple often restricts time off before the introduction of new gadgets and over the Christmas season, and this is frequently quickly informed to staff via an internal Apple messaging app. The most recent modification, which forbids time off up to a year in advance, was announced more quietly through a document distributed locally.

Retail staff are unsure of precisely where the order originates in Apple’s corporate hierarchy, despite shop managers’ claims that it comes from “above the store” level. The modification was explained to the staff as being done in “high velocity situations” to “make sure we are more ready for next year.”

Although it is unclear how broad the new instruction is, the dates were obviously chosen with care, probably in preparation of the release of new Apple products in the second half of next year and increased traffic over the Christmas season.


It is quite unlikely that the iPhone 15 range will ship on any specific dates just yet, since the smartphones themselves will probably need to go through manufacturing validation testing before a mass production timeline can be verified. However, it is noteworthy that Apple retail has already blocked off dates well in advance of what would presumably be the late-year release of new products.

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