Apple Says There Are Now Over 1,000 Vision Pro Apps

Apple Says There Are Now Over 1,000 Vision Pro Apps

Apple’s much-anticipated Vision Pro headset has been a subject of fascination among tech enthusiasts since its release on February 2nd, 2024. While the immersive mixed-reality experience has garnered praise for its cutting-edge technology, one critique has lingered: the limited availability of tailor-made apps.

However, recent developments suggest a significant stride forward in addressing this concern. The Vision Pro App Store now boasts over 1,000 visionOS native apps, specially crafted to harness the capabilities of the headset. This milestone marks a pivotal moment for Vision Pro owners, who can now access a growing ecosystem of apps designed to enhance their immersive experiences.

In a noteworthy revelation, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Greg Joswiak, announced that the number of visionOS native apps has surpassed 1,000, signaling a promising trajectory for the platform. Additionally, the compatibility of iPhone and iPad apps has expanded to over 1.5 million, further enriching the array of available content.

Apple Says There Are Now Over 1,000 Vision Pro Apps

Notably, major players in the app development sphere, such as Google, Spotify, and Netflix, initially refrained from creating dedicated apps for the Vision Pro headset. Instead, they opted to allow their iPad apps to function on the device. However, recent developments indicate a shift in this stance.

A spokesperson from Google confirmed plans to develop a dedicated YouTube app for the Vision Pro headset, citing its presence on the roadmap. This revelation marks a significant development, potentially unlocking a wealth of multimedia content for Vision Pro users. While no specific launch date has been announced, the prospect of a dedicated YouTube app underscores the growing interest and investment in the platform.

Some speculate that Google’s decision to pursue a dedicated app for the Vision Pro headset may have been influenced by its success in the market. Alternatively, considerations regarding royalties and user experience may have played a role in this strategic shift.

Overall, these developments mark an exciting phase for Apple’s Vision Pro headset, promising an expanded ecosystem of optimized apps and enriched immersive experiences for users.

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