Apple has ‘Expressed Interest’ in Acquiring NBA Streaming Rights

Expressed Interest in NBA
Expressed Interest in NBA

According to a new CNBC report, Apple has “expressed interest” in acquiring an NBA streaming package. Apple is one of several interested parties, including Amazon and NBC Sports, with NBC Universal especially keen on reacquiring NBA games.

NBC Universal is attempting to agree that would allow it to air playoff games on the NBC network while keeping some regular season games exclusive to the Peacock streaming service. The NBA may ultimately choose to extend its contract with Disney and Turner Sports rather than accept bids from outside companies, but there is still a chance that Apple will make a bid at this point.

According to CNBC, the NBA could create two packages for bidders, with the content split between streaming and traditional TV for three or four partners.

Apple has been pursuing sports content in order to attract new subscribers to its Apple TV+ streaming service. Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer have both signed agreements with the company.

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