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How to Fix Android Auto keeps Disconnecting

android auto keeps disconnecting

Car user mainly faces the issue of Android Auto Disconnected error often. This error occurs when you try to connect a USB and Wireless connection with all the models of vehicles and phones. This error began after an Android Auto or OS update. When you face the disconnection, you want to start it with various methods such as relaunching the Android Auto, Restoring the car or Phone, and re-plugging the USB cable. Although these are easy methods but in heavy traffic or driving, this can be harmful.

Why does my android auto keep disconnecting

Android Auto keeps disconnected due to various reasons, but some main factors are mentioned here:

  1. Android Auto may keep disconnecting if the data, cache, or installation of Android Auto has become corrupt due to a recent update.
  2. Android Auto keeps disconnecting error may cause Phone’s OS, Outdated Android Auto App, Unit’s Firmware or Google Play Services, because it creates compatibility with others.
  3. If the Phone Battery optimization feature fails a vital process related to Android Auto, then Android Auto might display an error to keep the connection.
  4. Android Auto may keep disconnecting with the faulty Configuration of USB Debugging or Developer options as they control the phone connection settings. If these are in a misconfigured state, you will face the error.

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Android Auto keeps Disconnecting Fixes

1. Update the Android Auto App

If the app is outdated, the Android Auto app keeps disconnected from the car’s entertainment section because it may become incompatible with the car unit. So you have to update the Android Auto app to keep away from the disconnection errors. Follow the steps to do this:

  • Go to the Google Play Store on the Phone and open the Menu.
  • Select the My Apps & Games and move to the Installed tab

Update the Android Auto App

  • Down the scroll, then open the Android Auto.
  • Click the Update icon (if an update is available), once updated, and then restart the Phone.

Google play sotre

  • Now check if the Android Auto disconnection error is resolved.

2. Android Auto App’s Data and Cache Clear

Android auto keeps disconnecting errors due to corrupt cache and Android Auto app data. You can clear the data and cache by following the steps below.

  • Go to the Phone’s Settings> choose Application Manager or(Apps/Applications).


  • Open the Android Auto app and click on the Force Stop icon

Force Stop android auto app

  • Now confirm to stop the Android Auto app and open Storage.
  • Now click the Clear Cache icon and check if the Android Auto error is fixed.
  • If the error is still showing, then clear the cache again of Android Auto and click the Clear Data

Android auto app

  • Confirm to delete the Android Auto app data, and afterward, check if the Android Audio disconnecting error is fixed.
  • If not, check if clearing cache and data of the following applications resolve the error:

3. Update the Phone’s OS

The latest firmware car’s entertainment unit version and the outdated OS of phone compatibility may lead to disconnect of the Android Auto error. If you update the Phone’s OS, you may resolve the problem.

  • Go to the Settings and choose System.
  • Choose About Phone, then open Software Update

auto android app update

  • Click the Check for Updates if any update OS is available, then install the update

auto android app

Once installed, restart the Phone and check if the Android Auto keeps the disconnecting error fixed.

4. While Using Android Auto Enable Phone’s Do Not Disturb Mode

The Android Auto disconnecting error may occur by a phone’s notification conflicts with Android Auto modules. So turn on the Phone’s Do Not Disturb mode to fix the error.

  • Swipe the Phone screen to go to the Quick Settings menu and click the Do Not Disturb.

Andtoid auto dont disturb mode

  • Make sure Android Auto is working correctly. If yes, try to find the application’s notification that is causing the error and resolve the error between the app and Android Auto.

5. Disable Auto-Rotate Function of Phone

The auto-rotate function is not correct at handling a sudden change in the Phone’s orientation. It might cause the error at hand. Disable the auto-rotate function to resolve the error.

  • Open Phone’s Quick Settings menu click the Auto Rotate to disable it.

Andtoid auto dont disturb mode

  • Now relaunch the Android Auto app and check if it is working fine.

6. Disable Android Auto Battery Optimization

If the Phone’s battery optimization function killing the Android Auto modules extends the mobile’s battery procedure, then Android Auto error occurs at hand. Disable the battery optimization of Android Auto in the Phone’s settings can resolve the issue.

  • Go to the Phone’s Settings and open the Battery.

Android auto error

  • Select Battery Optimization then set the Android Auto to Do not Optimize

Android auto error

  • Start the Android Auto and check if the disconnecting error is fixed.
  • If not, check if disabling Battery Optimization for Google Play Services resolves the error.

7. Correct Date and Time on Car’s Entertainment Unit and Phone

If the date and time conflict between the devices, Android Auto may keep disconnecting, so resetting the date and Time may fix the error.

  • Go to the Phone’s Settings, then open Date & Time.
  • Disable the Automatic Date & Time and Automatic Time Zone by toggling the switches to the off position.

set date and time on the auto android

  • Set correct time and date on the Phone.
  • Now launch the car unit’s settings (e.g., Kenwood KDC 138) locate the clock adjustment option.
  • Here, adjust the car unit’s date/time according to make/model instructions, and afterward, check if the Android Auto is fixing the disconnecting error.

If the error is still there, it can be problematic phone is enabled in the car unit’s system settings, and check now if the error is fixed.

8. Disable Wi-Fi Switching of the Phone

Suppose the user’s mobile Phone is configured to use Wi-Fi switching. In that case, Android Auto can disconnect from the car’s unit. It gets stuck in fetching data from server because of  Wi-Fi switching. in this situation, disabling the user’s phone  Wi-Fi switching may resolve the issue.

  • Open Phone’s Settings, then select Wi-Fi.
  • Select the Wi-Fi Preferences, then disable the Intelligently Select the Best Wi-Fi

wifi assistant

  • Now check the disconnecting Android Auto error is fixed.
  • If not, disable Switch to Mobile Data. When Wi-Fi Internet Connection is a Slow option in Wi-Fi Preferences, check the Android Auto error fixed.

wifi preferance

9. Enable Phone USB Debugging then Edit Relevant Phone’s Developer Settings Options

If a USB cable is also used to connect the Phone with car’s head up unit or stereo, then the USB debugging can fix the error on the Phone because it sets the USB modules according to the Android Auto cable requirements.

  • On the Phone enable the Developer Options, then start Phone’s Settings.
  • Select the Developer Options and click the toggle of USB Debugging.

battery reset

  • Now confirm to enable USB Debugging and check if the Android Auto’s disconnection error is fixed.


10. Update the Car’s Entertainment Unit Firmware to Latest Build

The Android Auto keep disconnecting from the car’s entertainment unit may occur when the unit’s firmware is outdated because it creates compatibility issues with the Phone’s OS and Android Auto. Updating the car’s entertainment unit firmware to the latest build can resolve the error.

  • Download the firmware from the OEM’s website (such as Kenwood) and extract it (if zipped) from the car’s unit.
  • Copy the extracted file to a USB drive. But the USB should not have any other data.
  • The car’s entertainment unit should be powered off and connect the USB to the unit.
  •  Power on the entertainment unit, and when shows to update, click Yes

update the MHZ mobile data

  •  Wait till the unit’s firmware is updated. The Entertainment unit should not be powered off during the procedure, or the USB disconnects.
  • When done, restart the unit, connect it to Android Auto, and check if the error is fixed.

11. Set Default USB Configuration Network Option

  • Go to the Phone’s Developer Options and go to the Networking Options.
  • Select Default USB Configuration, then enable the Transfer Files (or PTP/Transferring Images).

set default USB configuration

  • Now start the Android Auto and check its function usually.
  • If not, check if the setting Default USB Configuration to Charging Only fixes the error.

12. Reinstall Android Auto App

Corrupt installation of the Android Auto app could cause an error, so reinstalling the app can resolve the problem.

  • Open the Phone’s settings, then open the Application Manager(or Apps/Applications).


  • Choose Android Auto and click Uninstall

Auto android app update

  • Confirm to uninstall Android Auto App when done, restart

android auto app update

  • Upon the restart, reinstall the Android Auto app and check if the error is fixed.
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