Addigy releases its 2023 State of the Apple Device Management Industry Report for MSPs

apple device management
apple device management

This is due to the complexity of maintaining and safeguarding Apple devices in the office, which necessitates an elevated level of service, for which businesses that use Apple endpoints expect to pay a premium.

Apple device use in the office is also on the rise, with 65% of poll respondents predicting an increase in Apple device use among their business clients in the next 12 months.

Yet, the survey discovered that the top two reasons MSPs do not handle Apple devices are not a lack of client demand, but rather a lack of ability.

The survey also outlines the top problems MSPs have when managing MacOS devices, including maintaining up-to-date operating systems and applications, providing a quick, reliable connection to distant computers, maintaining security and compliance, and onboarding new users.

The research, on the other hand, underlines the need of remaining alert and proactive in maintaining Apple endpoints in order to reduce the risks of potential security attacks and guarantee client IT systems remain as safe as possible.

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