5 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out After COVID-19

5 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out After COVID-19

The novel COVID-19 has shaken the world and put it into a turmoil. The majority of countries are paralyzed by severe quarantine measures that are limiting people in virtually any aspect of daily activities. The same applies to those who are employed or looking for employment at the moment.

COVID-19 caused a significant disruption in the labor market, resulting in massive waves of lay-offs that left millions unemployed. This situation means that there are lots of people currently looking for a job, which, in turn, transforms into fierce competition. That is why I decided to provide you, my reader, with five tips to make your resume stand out after COVID-19.

Coronavirus can become an opportunity

Despite the horrific situation in the world, you could turn your resume into a masterpiece, thus dramatically increasing your chances of landing that job interview. After all, the Internet is filled with the online resume services that can provide you with a perfectly customized product. One of such services is Find My Profession, but before paying for any services check is find my profession credible or not and only after reading reviews online, you can be sure that it is a reliable or scam service. However, if you’re trying to get a grasp of the art of creating an outstanding resume, here’s my list of very useful tips.

Tip 1: Avoid the most basic mistakes

Although you want your resume to be catchy and everything in between, remember that there are some basic rules to be followed. So, some basic things to remember include double-checking your grammar, giving all the essential information, avoiding prolonged essay writing, and providing contact information.  While these things may sound like a no-brainer, you may be surprised how many people forget about them because they focus too much on other aspects of their CVs. 

Tip 2: Contents should be customized to your desired job

Remember – there is no universal template that is a panacea. Recruiters are swarmed by resumes that are basically clones of each other, meaning that these CVs land on a shelf never to be viewed again. That is why you have to think about what your potential employer wants to see in that important piece of paper. For example, you want to land an interview for the position of a financial analyst – that’s great, but you’ll need to emphasize particular things that are inherent to this kind of activity. You can find more info here to get the idea that each position requires its own approach.

Tip 3: Make your resume unique and go creative with it, when appropriate

Being creative is great and is usually encouraged; however, it is required to be smart about that when it comes to creating your CV. For example, you may want to apply for the position of some business consultant or accountant – it is better to stick to the classic formats.

However, if you’re applying for some designer position or something similar, you can get creative! For example, despite not being a very popular practice, some people are using WordPress to make their resumes, you can find more about this practice here. This is an interesting way to present your portfolio.

Tip 4: If you don’t have previous experience, no worries

Most high school graduates and future students are quite stressed by the fact that they do not have previous job experience when making their resumes, but it’s not a reason to be sad. The thing is – you can present your educational achievements in interesting ways. The choice of words matters, and you can get creative, there are lots of online tips for correct phrasing of your achievements.

Tip 5: Make your resume ATS-friendly

Now, this is very important. ATS is a sort of software that is used by recruiters and HR managers to sort out large packages of CVs. You don’t want your resume to be thrown out by some application, so there are some things you need to be knowledgeable of.

An ATS-friendly resume should include professional summary, strengths and skills, and a history of previous employment experience. You can find more information and even test resume against ATS right here.


Making your CV outstanding is not that hard, and COVID-19 gives more than enough time to practice your writing skills, especially considering the potential of a second wave. So, keep yourself safe and think of ways to make your resume outstanding!

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