Rolling The Dice With Virtual Reality Technology

Rolling The Dice With Virtual Reality Technology


One of the booms that arrived and stuck during the internet explosion of the mid-1990s was the emergence of online gambling. 

Suddenly, it wasn’t necessary to plan journeys to gamble at the casino, whether it be a day trip to an area tribal casino, or a jetting off for a fun-filled week of play in Las Vegas. With an online casino, you could play all the popular games, whether it be slots, blackjack or baccarat, on your laptop right from the comfort of your own home, seated on your own couch. And there was no waiting for someone else to finish up on your favorite slot machine so that you’d get a chance to play.

Talk about convenience. No need to get cleaned up, or dressed up. Heck, you didn’t even have to put on pants unless you truly felt the need to do so.

While online casino gambling has effectively been able to produce the same gaming and winning experience that a player could get in an actual casino, what couldn’t be achieved was a method to replicate the ambience of a brick and mortar betting house.

The sound of the action, whether it be the bells and whistles of the slot machines, the murmur of surrounding chatter, or the back and forth banter between fellow players and dealers, is all part and parcel of the casino experience. Oh sure, you could still have free drinks. The drawback was that you were going to have to mix them yourself.

Keeping It Real

Online casino sites have taken strides to close this gap. They added a live dealer option to provide that feel of being at an actual casino and interacting with a real person dealing the cards while you played blackjack or poker. 

In New Jersey, the Hard Rock Casino sought to bring online slot-game playing a step closer to the real deal. In February 2020, via groundbreaking technology that was developed in partnership with Softweave Ltd., the Hard Rock became the first online casino site offering players the chance to play actual live slots situated on the brick and mortar casino floor. 

While these slot machines can be seen by players on the floor, they are situated inside a locked room and accessible only via the Hard Rock app. This innovative system enables these slots to be played by customers on their laptop, tablet or mobile device. They can enjoy the full casino experience and play these machines from the comfort of their own homes, or anywhere they might be situated.

Still, as much as they tried, there was no way to achieve that perfect mix – until now. The emergence of virtual reality technology in recent years is making it possible to do so. Suddenly, technology is capable of marrying the convenience of online casino gambling with the sensation of walking an actual Vegas casino floor.

Welcome to the world of virtual reality casinos. Step on in and enjoy the atmosphere.

How Virtual Reality Casinos Work

Simply by donning a virtual reality (VR) headset from a company such as Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear and utilizing a compatible iGambling platform, players can be transformed into a lifelike interactive casino experience. They’ll even be able to interact with other users of the platform in real time.

Creators of these VR platforms are striving to make the experience as parallel to walking into an actual casino as the available technology will allow. 

You can hit the bar for a virtual drink between games. Take a break from the action at the tables and the slots, grab a seat in the lounge and enter into a gabfest with some of the other players. Light up a cigar, if that sort of thing tickles your fancy. 

This level of technology provides players with access into detailed casino game rooms, which players can walk through and explore in fully-immersive 3D. There are realistic slot machines, as well as 3D game tables at which players are able to pick their seats, interact with the live dealer, and engage in conversation with other players.

There’s also the ability to display hand and body gestures, and to observe the actions of other players also playing the game. Real casino sounds are delivered during the experience, with some of them offering a distinct 3D spatial effect.

Where To Play VR Casino Games is considered one of the innovators when it comes to VR casino play. They were offering the experience to their customers as early as 2015. Theirs was the first online casino application that allowed you to play for real money. Players can enjoy their own private casino room with more than 40 of SlotsMillions most popular games available to be accessed. 

An innovative company that always seems to be among those on the cutting edge of the iGambling industry, Mr Green is an online casino whose mission statement is to be a significant global operator, and to shape the future of the online gaming industry.

The virtual casino floor of Mr Green’s Live-Beyond-Live VR casino consists of a four-table area with two roulette tables and two blackjack tables. You’ll see people (including Mr Green himself) moving around on the floor. Helicopters and airplanes fly by outside the windows, and other players are identifiable betting and winning at the other tables in the background. 

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