What to Look For When Hiring AI Companies


Artificial intelligence has advanced to a point where you can use it to solve more than just the basic set of problems. While the hurdles for its implementation are lowered, thanks to the invention of machine learning tools and technology, companies are still reluctant to use AI to solve critical problems. Although artificial intelligence has amassed huge attention globally, enterprises are still looking to appreciate its potential and how to realize the ROI from the technology.

Soon, AI technology will perform typical work-related tasks. As a result, most organizations plan to hire more staff with AI-related skills. There’s minimal doubt that your enterprise will be planning to add AI experts and data scientists in the next few years. But since this is a totally new industry, it is quite challenging to find great AI companies you feel confident to hire.

Additionally, since artificial intelligence is relatively complex and develops rapidly, there are several hindrances to the position. Remember, a bad hiring mistake may cost your organization thousands or even millions of dollars when it comes to hiring AI companies. On the other hand, a smart one will certainly make the company successful. Thus, before you embark on the recruitment process, ensure you understand the factors when hiring a custom software solutions company like Icreon to join your team.

Here are the factors to consider for AI Companies:

Proficiency in the Top Programming Languages

Based on the nature of your artificial intelligence projects, you’ll need to use different programming languages. Lest you use one programming language, and you’re confident you’ll not require any other, it would be best to hire an AI expert that’s skillful in several coding languages. Basically, there’s no particular checklist that every recruiter needs to look for to qualify AI companies based on their programming expertise.

Again, the type of tasks your AI team will be tackling determines the best programming language (or languages) to use. All in all, the AI expert you intend to hire needs to be conversant with the top programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, Python, C/CPP and Kotlin.

Expertise with Hadoop

Hadoop plays a crucial role in data processing and Big Data storage. Thus, it needs to go hand-in-hand with artificial intelligence. Well, Hadoop is a popular open-source storage and processing framework that most organizations use via the public cloud. The platform is particularly essential for companies that deal with big data, such as software companies and financial corporations.

You guessed it right, Hadoop is not the only processing and storage platform. Other popular storage frameworks invented after Hadoop and still offer similar and extra functionalities include Kafka and Spark. Ideally, during your recruitment process, it would be beneficial to search for familiarity and experience with Hadoop. Even if your company uses other systems, Hadoop is incredibly foundational.

There are several benefits you enjoy upon working with Hadoop, especially in relation to logistic regression performance. Additionally, it gives you a solid AI foundation and makes your business smart.

Evaluate the AI Company’s Soft Skills

There is a comprehensive list of educational requirements and hard skills for positions in artificial intelligence. But keep in mind that AI companies will be part and parcel of your team and will impact your organization’s culture. If the company will work in a collaborative office or work face-to-face with customers, it will be vital for them to have soft skills.

First, any AI expert you intend to engage in your processes needs to possess excellent communication skills. Well, they will need the skills to explain the results and turn your organization’s vision into a reality. Besides, since not every staff within your organization is going to be thoroughly familiar about things related to artificial intelligence, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (mainly when it entails complex formulas and maths), the new AI expert must have the ability to transmit the insights with precise results.

Secondly, if your tasks are focused on teamwork and collaboration, cooperative and leadership skills will be a must. The fact that this company will likely be running all AI-related projects and tasks it needs to have some proficiency and experience with leadership and management.

Proficiency in Mathematics and Statistics

Expertise in mathematics and statistics is a must. The development and training of ML (machine learning) tools typically need much more advanced mathematical intuition compared to basic software engineering. In order to recognize the algorithms that suit a specific business problem, how to interpret results, and how to boost ML models’ performance, an AI company needs to possess a good understanding of the mathematics used on these machine learning algorithms.

In AI, learning is vital to the machines and the users teaching the machines. Thus, quick learning skills are among AI experts’ vital requirements as new approaches and algorithms come up at a rapid rate in the ever-evolving AI world. And to keep up with the competition, it’s vital to adhere to the newest research breakthroughs.

Reducing Manual Test Time With Automation

When hiring an AI expert, another essential factor to consider is the company’s creativity. AI is relatively new and full of issues requiring new solutions and perspectives. Therefore, the artificial intelligence company needs to invent creative ideas for solving the problems that continuously arise. Additionally, it would help if you engaged in curious companies who would be keen to go the extra mile to solve your organization’s problem. Curiosity will typically push the company to constant learning and trying new approaches and strategies.

Final Words

Recruiting an AI company, and ensuring you have hired the ideal one, is genuinely a significant decision you need not take lightly. Well, this is genuinely the case when it comes to hiring a company to help your organization stay up-to-date with ever-developing technology like artificial intelligence. It would be wise to hire a company that will have the most positive effect on your enterprise and ensures you take things to the next level.

So, start by evaluating the essential skills, experience and educational backgrounds related to the necessary proficiencies and knowledge in this area. Furthermore, do not forget to evaluate the soft skills. Again, the AI expert will be playing a crucial role as a team member.

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