5 Things You Can Do to Boost Business and Increase Employee Productivity

How to Manage Productivity & Prevent Security Risks of Business

Employees are essential to a small business. Consequently, if they are happy, well taken care of and feel valued their productivity will increase, positively affecting business growth. A few revisions to workplace practices can improve staff productivity, and make your business processes run more smoothly. Keep reading for tips on how to get the most productivity out of your employees.

Incorporate the use of workforce optimization software.

Workforce optimization software helps you become more efficient and effective as your business grows because it keeps all aspects of your business working together in harmony. This software gives you insight into employee performance by highlighting each individual’s skill set to meet the overall goals of your organization.

One way workforce optimization software plays an important role in your business is by giving your organization a customer-focused perspective. Reviewing your business operations from the customer’s point of view can identify weak areas in your customer service practices that do not put the customer first. If your customer base is global, consider using a global workforce solution software.

Additionally, workforce optimization software allows for customer interactions where your business can gain insight into levels of customer satisfaction with your product. By listening to customer feedback, your business can perform a customer service audit, listen to the feedback, and use this real-time data to improve customer experience.

Track time management and attendance.

Attendance software eliminates errors caused by manually clocking in and out, eliminating cases of time theft. This is also helpful in examining overtime to determine, for instance, what shifts are understaffed or overstaffed. Time theft often results in employees receiving payment for hours that they did not work for.

Sadly, some employees stay clocked in during breaks, log on to social media during working hours, or even “clock-in” on behalf of an absent colleague. Workforce optimization software such as is good at countering time theft and is a foolproof way of ensuring that employees only log their worked hours.

Encourage remote working.

A remote working community is generally more productive, has less sick days, clocks more working hours, and is generally more engaged in its work. Some of the metrics you can use to evaluate the efficiency of your remote staff can include:

  • Setting clear deliverables for each team member
  • Creating goals
  • Monitoring task completion
  • Scheduling regular team status meetings to discuss deliverables
  • Generating real-time feedback on completed tasks and areas of improvement
  • Sharing feedback generated from clients
  • Conducting weekly performance reviews
  • Tracking work results rather than only hours logged

Track tasks and performance

Incorporating the use of task tracking tools can help you monitor employee productivity holistically. For instance, are some employees having a harder time than others when it comes to completing their tasks? Are all of your employees meeting their quotas for the day?

This real-time data may help you assess employee role action and alter it to meet the individual’s skill set. Additionally, this data may improve operational efficiency as it could point out weaknesses in your business structure.

Cross-train your staff

Employees in small businesses often find themselves occupying several roles at once. Training your employees across various fields within your organization equips them with a variety of skills that can help them be productive in several different positions. Cross-training your workforce is also beneficial to a small business in that it bridges productivity gaps if certain employees are on leave or otherwise unavailable to attend to their duties.

Investing in workforce optimization software now can save your business by saving you time and improving efficiency. For additional information on workforce optimization for business efficiency, visit

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