The iPhone Crash Detection Feature Places 100 Mistaken Calls Per Month to the Emergency Services in the Japanese Alps

iPhone Crash Detection Feature
iPhone Crash Detection Feature

One of the touted features of the iPhone 14 was the addition of Crash Detection, which is meant to call emergency services if the phone detects the user has been involved in a serious car crash. However, ever since the phones were released, we have been hearing stories of false positive hotspots.

In this latest incident, the fire department of the Kita-Alps, Nagano in Japan has said it received 134 false calls between December 16 – January 23, “mainly” from the iPhone 14 Crash Detection system incorrectly triggering as their owners go down the ski slopes.

In total, the Japanese emergency services unit received a total of 919 calls in that monthlong period, meaning the ~100 false calls caused by the iPhone Crash Detection feature accounted for more than one tenth of their workload.

Accounts of Crash Detection false positives during winter sports have also been reported across the United States. Another hotspot for false positive triggers has been rollercoaster rides. But during hectic activities like rollercoasters or skiing, the user may not hear the siren and is therefore not aware that this is happening, and hence do not cancel the call from going through.

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