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Writing a technical essay often causes difficulties for students and schoolchildren. This type of educational work involves technical knowledge and a relatively frank presentation of one’s thoughts. Essay writing is a process that requires some preparation and organization. Below is a detailed instruction that will help you write a technical essay:

Step 1: Choose a topic

Choose the technical topic you want to write about. This topic should be interesting to you and essential to your audience. Determine the main idea you want to express in your essay.

Step 2: Research the topic

Research the topic to get more information and additional facts that may support your point of view. Use various sources of information such as books, articles, online resources, etc.

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Step 3: Formulate a thesis

Formulate a thesis that will be the central idea of your essay. This should be a clear and specific statement you will support throughout your essay.

Step 4: Outline your essay

Outline your technical essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should attract the reader’s attention, the central part should develop the topic and confirm the thesis, and the conclusion should summarize and draw conclusions.

Step 5: Write a draft

Write a draft of your essay using the outline. Don’t try to perfect it; express your thoughts and ideas.

Step 6: Evaluate your draft

Evaluate your draft to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your essay. Remove any non-essential information and correct any errors.

Step 7: Write the final version

Write the final version of your technical essay, considering all the changes and corrections you made in the draft. Make sure you maintain logical structure and semantic integrity.

Step 8: Edit

Edit your essay to check spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style.

Common mistakes

On the way to creating a paper, typical mistakes are often made, due to which the overall score according to the results of the check can be reduced.

  • Inadequate checking and proofreading. Teachers are very meticulous about checking spelling. Therefore, be sure to follow the rules of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. After writing a draft, read the text, and make sure that the written phrases do not contradict each other. Be sure to remove all mistakes in your technical essay. 
  • Boring preface. If the details of the topic raised are not sufficiently detailed in the text, then the essay will be lost. Supporting any thesis with an illustration from the source text is necessary to make the paper enjoyable. This can be done as a citation. Remember that you should not lead the reader to a thought for a long time; on the contrary, you should quickly enter the central part of the essay and start thinking about important issues.
  • Verbosity. A technical essay is not a multi-volume paper. Therefore, the author must know how to correctly distribute this volume to the intended plan. If possible, refrain from details and reflections around the topic—present clear theses and arguments in your unique author’s style.
  • Long phrases. Brevity is the soul of wit. This phrase perfectly captures a common mistake many students make. Do not write an essay with excessively long phrases. Use short sentences that will grab the reader’s attention.
  • Lack of logic. To avoid the complexity of the perception of the technical essay, after creating the paper, be sure to reread it. If you feel that when reading the sentences, the thought is lost, then rework it. Break the paragraph into smaller paragraphs and make sentences more catchy and colorful. The absence of long sentences and paragraphs reduces the risk of punctuation errors.
  • Don’t overload the text. An essay is an author’s reflection on a given topic; this is not a scientific study. Therefore, discard the official concepts and definitions prescribed in the encyclopedia. Use words that will grab the listener’s attention and add value to the paper.
  • Template style. Showing the individuality of the paper is very important. The teacher must see the identity of the author in the lines, their position in life, opinion on current technical issues. Include a unique style in the text. Your paper will become attractive, engaging, and exciting. Thanks to this, you will get a good grade.
  • Distortion of facts. To impress the reviewer, the author often puts individual rather than generally accepted opinions into the paper. You can’t do that. Be sure to quote the primary sources, but reinforce the lines with your thoughts: whether you agree with them or not. Be honest yet positive.

Remember that teachers are ordinary people who want to read a pleasant and exciting text, even if it is a technical essay. Argue, and prove any of your thesis, then the grade for your work will be high.

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Khan is a news editor and technical content writer at BestKodiTips. Before this, he worked as a blog editor at various online platforms where he wrote mostly on streaming platforms such as Kodi, Netflix, Amazon FireTV Stick, etc. Apart from writing content, he is a national-level table tennis player and Swimmer. He also loves to play with data and get useful insights for stakeholders.

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