How to Spy on Someone’s Cell Phone Without Them Knowing?

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Parenting is hard, especially in an era where cyberbullying and scams are pervasive. What should a parent do to keep up with what is happening on their kid’s phone without letting them know? There is nothing to worry about because you can easily rely on the phone spy app that tracks every activity on the target phone.

You can be away from your kids, but still know when your kids are doing on their phone, you can know when frequent texts are going back and forward. You will understand what the text says, and you will also know who the text is from. With a tap of your cell phone screen, a spying app allows you to see everything that happens on your kid’s phone without them knowing. The spying app also enables you to spy on the internet browsing history and know what your kid has been up to.

Introducing Spyic.

When it comes to spying, spyic answers all your prayers. Spyic is a fantastic help for working moms and, in general, busy parents. You can install Spyic in just 2 minutes. The app takes very little space, and you will not have to go through any complicated or confusing process to install it on the target phone. With a few clicks here and there, you will get complete access to the target phone in no time.

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Spyic will help you keep an eye on your kids when you are not around them. It can be very easy to distract kids, especially when every two seconds later, an appealing ad pops up on internet sites, which can be very misleading for kids. With the help of spyic, you can make sure your kid’s phone activity is healthy and nurturing, not distracting misconduct.

Another best thing about spyic is that when you are spying on your kid’s phone, they will never know what is happening. This is because the app is hushed and close to invisible; no one will ever get suspicious.

You can access:

  • Call Logs: we always tell kids not to talk to strangers, but in an era where wrong numbers are a daily happening, it is very important to know who is calling your kid and at what times.
  • Internet Browser History: The internet is terrifying these days, especially for minds as innocent as kids. It is important to know what your kid is googling and what site your kids spend most of their time on. Spyic allows you to see the online browser activity of your kid and lets you know the history and bookmarks.
  • Notes: Kids do not have a diary these days. They have notes on their phone where they start their writing with ‘dear notes.’ Knowing what your kid is feeling and writing about can help you understand them so much better. This is why spyic allows you to access the notes on your kid’s iPhone or Android phone.
  • Text and iMessages: Be it an iPhone or an android phone that your kid is using, you don’t have to worry about accessing it because that’s where sypic comes in the picture. It lets you monitor the sent and received texts and iMessages on your kid’s phone.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Social media apps such as Instagram, snapchat, Kik, Line, etc can be a pothole of secrets your kid might be hiding from you. Spyic lets you have access to these social media apps to have you know what is happening in your kids’ social life.
  • Whereabouts: With the help of spyic, you can get an exact idea of where your kid is if they ever break their curfew or come late after school without telling you where they were.

Spyic For iOS (Without Jailbreaking).

Here are the steps that must be followed to set up Spyic on an iPhone without having to jailbreak it:

  • Go to the Spyic website and make an account on it. This is the most simple and easiest process.
  • If you are tracking an iOS device, select it from the options. Now enter the iCloud ID and password of the target phone. This is where it takes a few minutes being syncing to the target phone. This whole process does not need the target phone.

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  • When you open Spyic from your web browser, you will see a control panel, login to the account.
  • Now you will see the target iPhone’s dashboard and spy on available features like call history and logs, social media apps, iMessages, photo album, etc. 

spyic app 

Spyic For Android (Without Rooting). 

Here are the steps that must be followed to set up Spyic on an android phone without rooting it:

  • In case your kid has an android phone, install the spyic app in it, which will only take less than two minutes. 


  • After installing, sign up with a Gmail account that is verified. This process does not require rooting of the android device.
  • Please wait for a few minutes while it syncs with the target device. 
  • In a minute or two, you will have complete access to the target android through your web browser.


The Final Verdict.

We believe knowing what is happening in your kid’s social and online life is a calculated and careful step to protect them from the ugly internet world such as cyberbullying, sexual harassment, scams, etc. 

This is why we present to you the best spying app. Once you put your trust in spyic, you will not have to worry about the rest. Spyic will make sure you are informed of every single activity of your kids on the internet, as well as on their phone.

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