What to Use Search Google or Type a URL

What to Use Search Google or Type a URL

Here on this page, we will discuss the default reminding message in Google chrome’s new tab search box “Search Google or type a URL.” It shows in the latest Google Chrome tab and is very simple to understand. We will discuss its essential factors here.

What Meant by “Search Google or Typed a URL?

When we open a new tab in Google Chrome, “Search Google or type URL” is the default word in the search bar (also known as Omnibox). It uses two different ways for any query. First, enter a keyword and press enter to see relevant results; secondly, type a website’s URL into the search bar and enter to visit the website directly.

“Search Google or Type a URL” What to Choose

What should you do to choose a keyword (search on Google) or enter a web address? You can search in both ways, and both are very simple. With a full URL of a website like, directly enter the URL in the search bar and press enter. The website will open on your browser, and all the web pages can visit.

Secondly, if you don’t know the exact URL, you cannot visit the particular website, so in this case, enter a keyword in the search bar, and Google will show a list of related queries, then choose anyone according to your choice.

“Search Google or Type a URL” in Chrome Canary

“Search Google or type a URL” in Chrome’s Canary update feature. Chrome Canary is the Chrome browser’s leading-edge version.

Google Canary is used to test out the ideas. In the Canary 36 version idea is to bury the complete URL into the name of a top-level domain. It only shows the website name for navigation with the website.

A full URL can be seen to click the “origin chip” icon on the domain name. The icon will be enabled when you type this URL into the Omnibox Chrome://flags/#origin-chip-in-omnibox. Clicking the domain allows you to edit it.

The benefits of the domain-only approach are it makes accessible the web address and to the right creates a room for a subfield that provides the option to “Search Google or type a URL.”

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