Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Rumored to Get 200MP Main Camera

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Rumored to Get 200MP Main Camera

Samsung may be bringing a huge camera upgrade to the Galaxy Z Fold6, as per a new rumor. Reliable tipster @Tech_Reve shared a post that suggests we’ll see the same 200 MP ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor found on the S24 Ultra inside the upcoming Fold6. This comes as a surprise given that a previous tip from Ice Universe suggests we’ll see the same 50MP sensor that was present on the Z Fold5.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 rumored to get 200MP main camera

A Galaxy Z Fold 6 with the S24 Ultra’s 200MP main camera would be a major departure from the existing 50MP camera used on recent Fold devices. The 200MP sensor offers plenty of resolvable detail with full-resolution shots, while Samsung leans on 16-in-one pixel-binning for improved image quality in mixed lighting. However, we have noticed that Ultra phones struggle to capture moving subjects, so this might be a concern for a Z Fold 6 with a 200MP camera.

The leaker also talks about Samsung considering reducing the battery capacity on its 2024 foldable. However, this is likely incorrect, as all rumors so far suggest the Fold 6 could get a bigger battery.
However, according to the source, if this does happen, it would be instead of Samsung equipping the phone with a larger battery. The battery life of foldable phones is also often an issue, and while we were reasonably satisfied with the longevity of the Galaxy Z Fold 5, its 4,400mAh battery is very much on the small side for a phone with a 7.6-inch screen.

So we were hoping for both an increase in battery capacity and improved cameras, but it sounds like this could be an either/or situation – presumably because changing the camera would mean using a larger sensor or lens, therefore taking up space that could otherwise be used by a larger battery.

Considering the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is still around six months away from going official, we may hear more doubtful rumors about the device before things start to make sense and we get a more accurate idea of what is in store for fans of Samsung’s foldables.


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