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A Brief Review on H96 Pro Stick Kodi Box

A Brief Review on H96 Pro Stick Kodi Box

Kodi boxes are the talk of the town, and all the hype is well-justified because who would not love some real-time entertainment at the end of a tiring day? Whether you are a gaming geek, an enthusiast who loves watching movies and seasons on Netflix, or someone who wants to connect his Wi-Fi with the TV to stream online songs, an Android media player will be the best thing to opt for.

Now, if this is the first time that you hear about a media streaming box, you might have several different questions popping in your mind at the moment. You might be wondering about the price, the functions, and features, and on top of it all, you might be questioning yourself whether you need a digital media box or not. Well, after reading this article, we can bet on the fact that you won’t have any of such questions left, and the chances are that you will be convinced to buy an Android digital player right now.

The H96 Pro Stick Kodi Box

Speaking of Kodi boxes, today we are going to review one of the most popular ones for you so that you can easily figure out if this is what you need to invest in.

The H96 Pro Stick is a compact stick that comes with all those functions and features that you enjoy with an Android. It is a stick that can be used to stream online movies on your TV, watch your favorite shows, and play the games that you want to. As far as the hardware is concerned, it is quite decent inside the stick. Especially keeping in view the price, you would love this little device that can do wonders for your entertainment needs.

Yes, you read that, right! The price of this stick is just $40, which is not even half of what you have to pay for other Kodi boxes. With just the $40, you will be able to enjoy octa-core Amlogic S912, RAM of 2GB, and a storage of 8GB, which is quite enough for a mesmerizing & joyful Android experience.

Do not think of this stick to be any less than others just because it is small in size and cheaper in price. With the H96 pro stick, you can always enjoy 4K 60fps video playback. What we like the most about this stick is that it gives you access to the latest Google’s smartphone operating system.

All the credit for this goes to Android 7.1.1, so basically, you will never have to worry about the experience or the features. Likewise, you do not need to concern yourself regarding the quality as well. It is almost the same as any other quality Kodi box that’s a little bigger in size.

All You Need to Know About the H96 Pro Software

The user interface of this device is quite simple, and it is TV-friendly, so when connecting to the television, you will not have to worry about anything. You’ll be able to view large tiles for all the applications on this device, and then there are even some shortcuts that you will be able to use for different games and different themes.

One of the most useful things on this device is the Kodi Fork that comes with pre-installed add-ons, which means that you will not need to work on finding suitable add-ons and installing them. There is the Google Play Store, where you can easily search for your favorite apps and install them just as you like. The reason why you will not come across any lag in your operating system is that an Octa-Core processor is being used under the device. So, yes, you can expect a seamless experience with the H96 pro stick Kodi box.

Gaming Performance

For a gaming geek, nothing is more important than knowing if the Android device can provide a good gaming experience. Well, here is some good news for you! Yes, the gaming performance offered by the H96 pro stick Kodi box is exceptional, and you will be able to play some of your favorite games without any lag or delays.

Is the H96 Pro Stick Worthy of Your Money?

Overall, there is nothing wrong with this stick. Especially for the price that you are paying, you should not have any issues with the features and functions that you are getting. It is an excellent device for those who are looking for something that’s light on the pocket.

However, there are a few things that you should know about this device earlier. For example, you will only be able to stream Netflix movies and shows on 480p. There is no remote control with this device. There are no firmware updates and no framerate switching too. But the one place that covers everything is that the H96 pro stick Kodi box gives the best performance vs. price ratio.

We have tried and tested almost all the Kodi boxes, and honestly, this little stick is what we find the most affordable, and on top of it all, it offers the best value for money, so why not? In a nutshell, we’ll recommend the H96 Pro, especially because issues like “no remote control” is not a big deal. The performance is top-notch, the streaming experience is good, the gaming experience is great, so technically it ticks marks all the checkboxes.

Final Thoughts

Now without waiting any further, if you want to spice up your entertainment routine and want it to be economical too, then get this device right away. It is compact, small in size, and you can carry it anywhere you want to without any hassle.

The connectivity is also up to the mark; just keep the device near your router, and the rest will be fine. The codec support is pretty great too! There is just so much about this device that makes it unique and exceptional that we cannot stress enough on it. Just buy it and see it for yourself!

Daniyal is a senior content reviewer and editor at BestKodiTips. He has more than 5 years of experience in online platforms including Mobile Apps, Streaming Platforms, Educational Tutorials, tech gadgets, and more.

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