Pre-Master’s programs for foreign students in the UK

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Pre-Master’s is a study program for admission to the Master’s program at the University of Great Britain, which usually consists of three main parts: English, basic subjects, and specialized modules. 

Specialized modules are academic classes on subjects that students would like to continue to study at the university. Preparatory programs are not mandatory for students with a high academic level, but they are recommended for successful training in British universities. The study program is quite comprehensive; that’s why as a student, I preferred to write my paper for me with the help of professionals.  

Because the educational systems of some countries and the UK differ from each other, this is often reflected in the initial requirements for those who come to the magistracy in the British University. 

Some educational institutions require a special preparatory course – Pre-Master’s. This preparatory program can be called in different schools: Pre-Master’s, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Foundation or Master Qualifying Program. In this article, we want to talk about the preparatory programs for admission to the magistracy and help students decide on the right way to further study at the University of Great Britain.

Preparatory programs for admission to the UK Magistracy – Pre-Master’s – are not a prerequisite for each British University. Most educational institutions can adopt international students based on the graduated diploma of the Bachelor of a foreign university. In this case, the question arises, who needs to undergo this program?

Why is it worth doing the preparation program before admission to the UK magistracy?

It is recommended to undergo a preparatory program for several reasons:

  • The student has never passed in English in the UK;
  • The level of English student is insufficient to start training on a magistracy program at British University;
  • The student does not have sufficient academic skills to teach the selected course;
  • The student plans to enrol in a prestigious university, introductory requirements in which very high and require additional training;
  • The applicant does not meet the introductory requirements, especially for those students, the average score of which is lower than 3.5;
  • The student wants to change the course obtained at the foreign university.

Pre-Master’s programs were created by the Universities of Great Britain for international students, primarily to raise their level of academic achievement and English.

What are the benefits of the pre-master program?

First of all, the preparatory program is a chance to enrol in the high-rank British University. Also, high-tech universities in Great Britain demand a bachelor’s diploma and a master’s degree from students. Such universities can be attributed to the London School of Economics, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge.

Basic information about Pre-Master’s program

Before entering this program, students should know the following information about the program, which will help them make further choices and affect the receipt of higher education in the UK, Master’s Diploma at the University of Britain.

  • Study duration: from 1 trimester up to 1 year (9 months)
  • Start of study: September, January, April, or June
  • Minimum age: usually 21 years
  • Requirements in English: IELTS 5.5 and above

A student should pay attention to the beginning of the Pre-Master’s program and its duration. Although the program is flexible, and you can start learning 4 times a year, it is worth considering further training in the UK. The program duration 1 academic year is to start in September and half-day programs in January or April. Thus, students will have the opportunity to immediately continue learning in the magistracy in the UK after the end of the Pre-Master’s program.

The cost of training 

The program’s cost may be different; it all depends on the educational institution and filling the training course. Pre-Master’s can be held:

  • At the campuses of universities in Great Britain, in this case, students have the opportunity to prepare for admission to a particular university;
  • Based on Language Centers and Language Schools of Great Britain. These programs will be more focused on studying academic English language and preparing for TEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE tests.
  • Based on independent international colleges. The most popular colleges for the preparation of international students to enter the magistracy at the Universities of the United Kingdom are Bellerbys College, Cats, Kings Colleges, and others.
  • Depending on where the training is held, the duration of the training program – will depend on the course.

The minimum cost of Pre-Master’s for 1 trimester is from 3500 pounds sterling.

The content of the Pre-Master’s program

In most cases, the program to master’s training for magistracy in the UK consists of an intensive course of academic English. The main goal of the course, prepare a student to master the complex academic course. In addition to the English classes, students study objects related to the selected course.

Many British universities offer specialized programs for admission to the magistracy. For example, Pre-MBA prepares students to enter the prestigious MBA program to the British Business School, Pre-LLM – prepares students to enter LLM.

What if you want to change the course of the Master?

It happens that students who received a bachelor’s degree at a foreign university for one course want to learn something completely different. In most cases, the change in the course in the program of magistracy at the University of Great Britain is impossible. Still, programs for master’s training can help students go through the necessary retraining.

The most popular retraining programs are INTO GRAduTe Diploma based on universities such as the University of New Castle, University of East Anglia, University of Exeter, City University London, and Bellerbys College – Master Qualifying Program.

How to choose the program?

Before choosing a learning program and directly preparatory program, you need to understand your goals. We offer to answer the following questions that will help you decide:

– What is your level of English?

– What kind of education did you get?

– Which the University of Great Britain do you want to do?

– What is the Rating of the University of Great Britain, in which you want to continue learning?

– What course do you want to learn?

Based on the information received, you may choose the program of the desired duration, content, and cost. For admission to the program, students need to prepare a package of documents that includes:

  • Bachelor’s diploma of the home country university;
  • English test;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Letters recommendations from teachers.
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