What is Nol Card and what Technology used in Nol Cards?


Carrying spare cash and/or buying a new card for each travel in the city with 7 forms of transportation may seem rather irritating. The NOL card, like any other Metro service in the globe, is a reloadable ticket that allows you to get reduced tickets.

What is the Nol Card and how does it work?

In basic terms, the Nol card in Dubai is a smart card that grants you access to almost all means of public travel system while also providing significant savings and convenience. It allows you to pay for several forms of transportation in the city with a single card.

It is an electronic ticketing card that was introduced in August 2009 for all modes of transport in Dubai. The word Nol comes from the Arabic word meaning fare. The card is intended to minimize the number of transactions and paper tickets made at ticket offices.

The Nol Card is really useful. The NOL Card can be used on the metro, buses, water buses, and trams. You may even use the same card to pay for RTA’s Paid parking services all across the city. Investing in a Dubai Nol Card is the smartest move you can make if you’re a visitor wanting to use public transportation to move about the city.

The Nol Card is a contactless smart card that you use to validate your travel by holding it over the Nol Card scanner. The amount due to you will be removed depending on your entry and exit locations, as well as the number of zones you have traveled through.

The technology used in Nol Card

The technology used in Nol Card is NFC. NFC Stands for Near Field Communication. It is a series of communication protocols that allows two electronic devices to communicate within a distance of 4 cm (112) or less. NFC provides a low-speed connection that is easy to set up and may be used to bootstrap more powerful wireless connections.

NFC devices can be used as electronic ID cards and key cards. They’re utilized in contactless payment systems, and they let you pay with your phone instead of or in addition to credit cards and electronic ticket smart cards. It’s also known as NFC/CTLS or CTLS NFC, with the contactless abbreviation CTLS. NFC may be used to transfer tiny files like contacts, as well as to establish rapid connections for transferring big media like images, video, and other data.

Benefits of Nol card


Other than providing inconvenience transit and saving you time in Dubai’s traffic, the NOL card provides many other benefits.

  • You can use your Nol Card to make retail transactions. You can use your NOL card to make purchases at certain retailers such as ZOOM, Burger King, Circle K, Aswaaq, Gloria Jeans, and others.
  • Nol card balance check is available online by using RTA online system.
  • You can use your NOL Card to pay for cab journeys and carry almost no cash with you. You will, however, be charged a service fee of AED1 in addition to your cab cost.
  • With your card, you may visit several amusement parks like Mushrif Park, Zabeel Park, Mamzar Park, and even Creek Park.
  • By simply entering your NOL card into the ticket vending slot and purchasing a parking ticket, you can pay for parking costs in all paid parking lots around Dubai.
  • Buy your Dubai SIM Card and NOL Metro Card solely on our website. As soon as you arrive at Dubai International Airport, go out and pick them up.
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