6 Mobile Apps That Make the Workplace Safer

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When thinking about mobile phones, few people would term them as safety equipment. Most people today use their phones for communication and entertainment. However, advanced technology has seen the birth of safety mobile applications that can help various workplaces and significantly improve workers’ working conditions. 

Most of these applications are user friendly and may arguably be termed the greatest gift that technology has ever accorded the workplace. These are six mobile apps that can make the workplace safer.

Mobile Apps That Can Make the Workplace Safer

1. VelocityEHS MSDSonline Chemical Management Mobile App

This app promotes safety in the workplace by giving its users access to life-saving safety data and inventory details. The entire process it carries out makes access to hazardous chemicals much simpler to the workers. 

Using this app, workers can remotely access dangerous chemicals and manage them as effectively as they would have done physically. This app brings top-notch safety to the chemical industry, which is riddled with safety risks.

2. The Safety Compass

Just as it sounds, the Safety Compass is a directional Health and Safety risk management app meant to direct workers and keep them away from dangerous places and conditions in the workplace. With its intuitive augmented reality, this app communicates hazard information to its users and warns them of harmful workplace conditions. The application uses the phone’s GPS and its camera to determine the user’s environmental conditions.

3. Vault Check

Workplace safety heavily relies on the proper running and maintenance of machinery. Big companies sometimes have more machines than they can easily monitor. In such cases, Vault Check may come in very handy. It allows you to keep track of all your machines and their inspection schedules and enables you to share this data with your entire team. This keeps them abreast of all that should be done. It also holds a record of what they did for the sake of accountability.  

4.  Vault Notify

If you need an app that will inform you of any hazards as they occur, then Vault Notify is the app for you. This app transmits real-time information to the relevant parties and equips them with all the information they need to ensure that they uphold workplace safety. The fantastic thing about Vault Notify is that it uses GPS to inform the site’s users and the safety threat’s location.

5. WorkSafe Pays

Imagine being paid to ensure your safety! That is precisely what WorkSafe Pays does. It aims to educate its users on safety measures and further reward them if they keep safe. Using this app, employers can equip their employees with educational games that train them on workplace safety. Upon completion of the game, the app users receive a gift of either monetary or material value.

6.  Vault Audit

One of the best workplace apps is Vault Audit. With this app, you can investigate on the go. This means that the app allows you to record any visual evidence by taking photos. It then allows you to upload these photos for safekeeping and later access. By using this app, you can also manage and edit your templates and even record your notes. This is helpful since it avails these details to your fellow workers if you decide to share with them.

When Injured at Your Workplace 

Despite the daily efforts to rid the workplace of any dangers or harm, sometimes things may get out of hand. Some employers may be negligent of their duty towards you. If this happens, you can speak to a lawyer from Gross & Schuster and explain your predicament. With their help, you will get compensated for the damages you suffered from your workplace.

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