Microsoft brings DALL-E’s AI image generation to Bing and Edge

microsoft image creation DALL E
microsoft image creation DALL E

Your browser now has an image maker.

Microsoft’s Bing AI chat now has a new feature called Bing Image Creator preview, which uses OpenAI’s DALL-E AI image generation to create images based on a direct description or a follow-up query. Users can also ask Bing to draw ideas for home improvement.

Microsoft has added “additional protections” to prevent harmful image creation, and the system includes watermarks to indicate that the images are AI-generated. This feature is currently available to a select group of Bing users and will be made available to more users in the future.

In addition, Microsoft is also introducing other AI-based features in Bing such as Knowledge Cards that offer dynamic quick-glance info and Stories that provide images and short videos related to searched topics.

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