Meta Takes Down a China Based Network of Fake Accounts

Meta Sues Israeli Company for Using Facebook Accounts to Scrape Data

Meta recently removed a vast network of accounts from China that spread misleading and polarising content about China-US political relations, particularly US politics.

The network of fake accounts was identified as posting false information about US people, culture, politics, war, and other political issues. Meta did not mention particular accounts that were deleted from the platform.

According to Meta release, China is the third most significant source of such false and misleading networks. Only Russia and Iran are on the list—the recent update the parent companies of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram shared.

The report further says that over 4,500 accounts use fake data, including profile pictures, names, and bio data copied from other network users.

The identified accounts used some data from the X (Twitter) and shared and liked each other’s posts.

Some of these accounts also copied and shared data from US politician’s statements, including famous names such as former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and many more.

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