Malicious Google Chrome extensions affect 1.4 million users

Malicious Chrome Extensions
Malicious Chrome Extensions

Netflix Party is one of five harmful extensions detected by McAfee that you should avoid.

Chrome extensions are designed to make your life simpler.

According to a McAfee blog post published on Monday, malicious extensions reroute visitors to phishing sites and implant affiliate IDs into eCommerce site cookies.

Malicious extensions, on the other hand, imitate the appearance of popular ones in order to violate your privacy.

According to the security firm, the extensions also track users’ surfing activities, and each website visit is sent to the extension creator’s servers. The extension designer can then put code into the user’s visited eCommerce websites and collect affiliate fees for any things the user purchases.

McAfee also advises users to pay attention to the permissions extension demands that Chrome displays before installing the extension.

Below are the specific extension names and extension code IDs.

Before providing any rights, users should take extra precautions to ensure the extension’s validity.

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