A Fine of 405 Million Euros Imposed on Meta Owned Company Instagram

ireland fines instagram million over data
ireland fines instagram million over data
The Irish Data Protection Commission has fined Instagram 405 million euros for violating the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This is the record high fine on the Meta sub-company.
Overall it is the third time when the Irish Data Protection Commission imposed a fine on Meta companies.
However, in terms of amount, this fine is the second largest. The highest fine on a tech giant is 746 million euros. The highest fine was imposed on Amazon for violating the European data protection rules.
The fine and penalty are confirmed by the commission but they refused to disclose the complete details.
According to the news, the fine was imposed on Instagram after they violate the children’s privacy rules. Details of the penalty show that the fine on Instagram is due to sharing email IDs and phone numbers of children.

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