iOS 16.4 is out with bug fixes and a ton of new emoji

iOS 16.4
iOS 16.4

Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch updates are also available.

Apple has released updates for its major platforms including MacOS 13.3, iOS/iPadOS 16.4, and WatchOS 9.4.

The updates feature 21 new emojis, improved voice isolation for calls, and bug fixes. The new emojis include animals, hand gestures, colored hearts, and household objects.

The updates also offer Voice Isolation to block out ambient noise during cellular calls, and a new accessibility feature that dims the screen when it detects flashing lights or strobe effects in video content. Additionally, the updates include bug fixes for content management, accidental alarm muting, and more.

Apple has also reintroduced the HomeKit architecture that was pulled from previous versions due to reported issues with Siri commands and smart home devices. To update your device, navigate to the settings app.

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