iOS 16 CarPlay: New apps, Messages, and Podcasts Improved

ios 16 carplay
ios 16 carplay
Apple revealed the next iteration of CarPlay(CP) at WWDC 2022, which looks great. The entire CarPlay takeover of the infotainment display, dash controls, and more exudes Apple Car vibes.
While Project Titan is still in the works, Apple has claimed that the first automobiles compatible with next-generation CarPlay will be introduced around the end of 2023. Drivers will most likely have to wait until 2024 or 2025 to experience next-generation CP.
However, iOS 16 includes a few CarPlay updates, which are available to all users with the software update.

CarPlay Apps

Apple periodically adds new app categories to CarPlay in big iOS versions. Previous kinds include food ordering, parking, and EV charging applications. iOS 16 introduces two new app categories: driving task apps and fuelling apps.
CarPlay provides applications for driving and refuelling. CP can store your favorite applications, such as those that let you fill up your gas tank, give route information, toll support, towing assistance, and more.

Messages and Podcasts

Two more CarPlay modifications in iOS 16 do not demand app upgrades in the future. When using Siri, Apple has quickened the flow of communications, and the Podcasts app has grown in size.
Beginning with iOS 16, drivers can choose to send a message automatically after Siri has reviewed it. If you want to change the message, you can do so by clicking the edit button.
The Podcasts app on CP focused on the Listening Now function, while other means of finding the proper podcast episode necessitated the use of the iPhone app.
Beginning with iOS 16, users can easily discover downloaded or stored episodes. You can now view the most recent episodes of shows in your library in the app. There are also three new wallpaper options with light and dark modes support.
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