2024 ‘the year’ for online tools: how to utilize them for your online bets

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Technology is developing extremely quickly these days, with new and better online tools popping up all the time. It’s got to the point where oftentimes you can think of a tool that would be helpful, and a search online will establish that it already exists. 

Why use online tools when betting online?

To help better understand and analyze statistics and odds, fans of sports betting online have a variety of new and valuable tools – some of which they might not ever have thought of – and the sports betting world is full of all kinds of data. A single person, regardless of expertise, can’t keep track of everything online by themselves. That’s where certain online tools can really help. 

Here are some of the most common ways a seasoned bettor might utilize online tools:

  • Making informed decisions – With so many websites dedicated to sporting news, it can be hard to keep track of what’s factual and what’s just speculation. You might find yourself frequently checking just a few sites for information, but if that’s the case, you’re likely to miss some specific details that could influence a game.
  • Analyzing betting habits – Online tools can offer information about yourself too. Analyzing your own betting habits can be just as important as analyzing game odds – that way, you can develop a better approach. 
  • Gain informational advantage – There’s a huge amount of data about games and athletes on the internet. Online tools can analyze it all for you and help you put together a bigger picture.

What online tools are available for online betting?

Fortunately for bettors, most of the online tools you need are accessible to everyone, even beginners. This includes advanced AI tools that are improving all the time. However, it’s how you choose to use them together that determines what kind of result you get.

If you want to try your hand at these tools, here are a few to consider:

Sports statistics websites

These websites provide historical data for each team and athlete in every sport. Depending on the site you use and the sport it’s tracking, you might find data that dates back nearly a century.

The idea behind these websites is not to bury you with numbers but to let you find a pattern. Maybe the team performed better using a certain formation, or maybe they struggled when they benched an often-overlooked player. Regardless of what you need, you’re likely to find it there.

Bet-tracking tools

In online sports betting, some people tend to do things repeatedly without even noticing. For example, you might not notice that you place larger bets on the underdog whenever they’re playing away from their home turf, or that you always play it safe whenever a top-tier player is in the game.

With the help of bet-tracking tools, bettors can pinpoint these habits and more. By analyzing your bet history, you can spot inconsistencies and correct them going forward.

News aggregators

Why spend time scouring the internet yourself when a tool can do it for you? News aggregators, especially those that are sports focused, provide you with a feed of relevant headlines based on your preferences. As long as you’re regularly checking your feed, you’re bound to catch a detail or two that could give you an edge.

There are several news aggregator tools out there, so make sure to pick one that can access the greatest number of websites that are relevant for you. Be aware that some tools might charge for their service, though, and that free apps don’t always give you access to everything available.

Use online tools to supplement your strategy 

Online tools can help a lot in gaining information, saving time and assisting you in your betting strategy. But they’re meant to supplement an already sound strategy to online sports betting. That’s why it’s essential to master the basics and be sure you have a sound approach in place. 

With that said, next time you go to your online bookkeeper to place a bet, give some of the many online tools a try and see if you can learn a thing or two to help inform your decisions.

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