How to Read Private WhatsApp Messages?

How to Spy an Android Phone without Root

It is safe to say that in the modern world one of the things that people always have with them are their cell phones. Cell phones have become a huge part of our everyday life and almost all our activity is carried out on them. Apps like WhatsApp have become a big part of communicating with people.

Oftentimes situations arise which make us want to keep an eye on our loved ones. Whether it be an issue of trust or of safety we feel like we need to know who they are talking to. To read WhatsApp messages on someone else’s phone is now simple.

What is Minspy?

Minspy is an app tailor made for monitoring a cell phone. This is a completely legal solution and its way of operation is such that there is no root or jailbreak required. Hence, the warranty of the target device is also safe in this process. It is just as effective for both Android and iOS devices.

bestkoditips - how to read watsap msgs

One of the best features of Minspy is its stealth mode. Due to this mode you can keep your anonymity as well as keeping track of the intended cell phone. Once activated stealth mode will conceal all presence of this app on the targeted cell phone and will still be functioning at 100%.

Minspy also monitors all WhatsApp activity. Ranging from messages in private chats to group messages. Media files sent or received. Contact numbers as well as profile pictures of the contacts. To top if off it does all this without any root or jailbreak as well.

Minspy is such an app that allows us to have peace of mind once more through the number of features it provides in this regard. Whether it be monitoring WhatsApp, tracking location or Minspy view post feature on social media, Minspy has the ability to do it all.

Some of the best features are:

  • Message monitoring
  • Stealth mode
  • Cell phone location tracking
  • Social media monitoring
  • Call logs
  • Browser history
  • And many more

Clearly, Minspy offers much more than just monitoring WhatsApp messages and chats.The purpose of all these features is to satisfy the customer and fulfill all their needs as much as possible.

How to Read Private WhatsApp Messages With Minspy

To begin monitoring a cell phone some precursory steps have to be taken. These steps are quite simple and easy to follow and will take only 2-5 minutes of your time.

Step 1

To start off, you have to go to the Minspy website. Here you are needed to make an account, giving all the required details and a payment according to the deal that caters to your needs. There is even a package that allows you to keep track of multiple devices at the same time.

bestkoditips - how to read watsap msgs

Step 2

This step is different for Android and iOS devices as given below:

  •  For Android Devices

When you have made your account on the Minspy website the next step is to simply download a 2MB file on the Android device you intend to monitor. Unfortunately, technology has not progressed far enough to be able to install spywares on Android devices remotely.

 The app once downloaded conceals its presence as it does not put a strain on battery and the stealth feature allows complete secrecy of app activities.

bestkoditips - how to read watsap msgs

  •  For Apple iOS devices

For iOS devices it is even more convenient to install Minspy. All you need are the target device’s cloud storage details. Once you have those you can connect your Minspy account to the target device’s cloud storage on any web browser.

bestkoditips - how to read watsap msgs

Minspy maintains a brilliant reputation in the market due to its reliable results and being one of the easiest to use apps in the market. You don’t need to be a tech whiz to operate this app. Anyone can make full use of this app.This is one of the best features of this app.

 Once you have no further need for this app you can delete it remotely for iOS devices, however for Android devices you will need to manually delete it from the device itself.

Step 3

Now all you have to do is make use of the features such as monitoring of WhatsApp messages, media files received and sent on WhatsApp and the contact numbers and profile pictures of people in contact with WhatsApp while utilising other spy features. All of this is done while maintaining complete anonymity.

bestkoditips - how to read watsap msgs

Minspy is a tried and tested app. The results it gives are 100% accurate and authentic. To top it off it is also extremely user friendly and anyone can make full use of this app. The sheer amount of tracking features it gives makes it the best in the market, especially when it comes to tracking WhatsApp activity.


Minspy allows users to read WhatsApp messages while maintaining anonymity. This short review of Minspy will, we hope, help you utilize this app and all of its features to your requirements. There are other apps that also give similar features such as Spyine or Cocospy but at this point in time we feel Minspy is the best that spywares have to offer.

Minspy gives consistency and reliability in results and performance and functions on all types of devices. With excellent features such as location tracking, WhatsApp messages and activity tracking and Minspy view post, it is definitely the best in the market.

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