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How to install iVue2 TV Guide on Kodi

How to install iVue2 TV Guide on Kodi


We all need a TV guide to make sure the schedule of our favourite shows. To make it easy for the Kodi users, there is an Add-on called IVUE TV Guide that will gather all the data from your Add-ons and get ready a TV guide for you. This is an excellent addon that will help you to keep track of your favorite TV content. IVUE TV guide Kodi Add-on is the must have Add-on if you regularly watch TV on Kodi. Let us see how to install IVue2 Tv guide Kodi Add-on and then how to use it.

iVue TV guide has been a very well-liked Kodi EPG program guide. Its most recent version is v4.0, which comes with a ton of new features to check out and share. This is a necessary install if you require a live TV guide for your Kodi builds. The EPG does not enclose any streams but will permit you to link to Add-ons you have previously installed such as Film on.

It can be a bit complicated to get it working to climax competence but is well worth the effort in our opinion. There are numerous guides to choose from with the settings of this Add-on, and you will want to tweak this Add-on quite a bit to modify it for yourself and get it just right. After it’s initially pulled the TV Guide in sequence, you may have to resume the Add-on to kick it all into life.

How to install iVue 2 TV Guide on Kodi

  1. First go to Home screen
  2. Select System
  3. Select File Manager
  4. Add Source
  5. Enter http://ivuetvguide.com/install/ in the top box
  6. Enter IVUE2 in the bottom box
  7. Select OK
  8. Go Back to the home screen
  9. Select System
  10. Select IVUE2
  11. Install from zip
  12. Select IVUE2
  13. Select repo.ivueguide-x.x.x.zip
  14. Wait for notification
  15. Install from repository
  16. Select iVue2 TV Guide Repo
  17. Select Program addons
  18. Click on iVue 2 TV Guide
  19. Select Install
  20. Wait for notification
  21. Addon Installed successfully

How to install iVue 2 TV Guide on Kodi 

  1. Kodi download
  2. HOME Screen
  3. Select Addons
  4. Go to Settings button
  5. Enable Unknown Sources.
  6. BACK to HOME screen
  7. Select Settings button
  8. Select File Manager
  9. Click on Add Source.
  10. Enter http://ivuetvguide.com/install in the top box
  11. Enter IVUE2 in the bottom box
  12. Select OK.
  13. BACK to HOME screen
  14. Select AddOns
  15. Select Add on Browser
  16. Install from zip file
  17. Select IVUE2
  18. Select repo.ivueguide-x.x.x.zip.
  19. Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  20. Install from repository
  21. iVue2 TV Guide Repo
  22. Select program addons
  23. Select iVue TV Guide
  24. Click on Install.
  25. Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  26. The Add-on can now be opened from HOME screen > Add-Ons > iVue TV Guide


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