how to install fishermans friend on kodi

How to Install Fishermans Friend on Kodi

Those who love to enjoy rod & real will be surprised and happy to know that the can now enjoy Fishermans` Friend on Kodi. This is the presentation of Prism that gets the credit for bringing a cracking add-on to Kodi ingredients. This add-on comes with a range of fishy content that is a formal reload of Fishermans` Cove. While experiencing Fishermans Friend on Kodi you will get the passion & love for the sport as desired and admired by fish lovers.

It requires pairing with an open load for accessing lots of mesmerizing content that will synchronize your IP address for ensuring that you are using same Wi-Fi in case you operate from the phone. Another best feature is the faster operating speed that completes the process within minutes and yes you are ready to go. Categories that would be available are enough but mainly include Game fishing, YouTube, Movies, TV shows, Barbel and Carp.

Under each category, there is a great collection of stuff to enjoy. Following is the guideline for installing Fishermans Friend on Kodi. This process can be used for both Kodi 16 Jarvis and Kodi 17 krypton. You will be able to complete installation within minutes with our easy to understand and follow guidelines.     

How to Install Fishermans Friend on Kodi 16

  1. Go to home screen
  2. Select System
  3. Select File Manager
  4. Add Source
  5. Enter in the top box
  6. Enter ZEROT in the bottom box
  7. Select OK
  8. Go back to home
  9. Select Addons
  10. Click on Addon Browser
  11. Install from zip file
  12. Select ZEROT
  13. Select
  14. Wait for “Addon Enabled” notification
  15. Install from repository
  16. Select Zero Tolerance Repository
  17. Click on Video addons
  18. Select Fishermans Friend
  19. Click on Install
  20. All done

How to Install Fishermans Friend on Kodi 17 Krypton

  1. Download Kodi 17
  2. Go to Home Screen
  3. Select Addons
  4. Click on the Settings button
  5. Enable Unknown Sources
  6. Go back to Home screen
  7. Select Settings button
  8. Go to File Manager
  9. Add Source
  10. Enter in the top box
  11. Enter ZEROT in the bottom box
  12. Select OK
  13. Go back to home
  14. Select Addons
  15. Click on Addon Browser
  16. Install from zip file
  17. Select ZEROT
  19. Select
  20. Wait for “Addon Enabled” notification
  21. Install from repository
  22. Select Zero Tolerance Repository
  23. Click on Video addons
  24. Select Fishermans Friend
  25. Click on Install
  26. Wait for “Addon Enabled” notification
  27. Fishermans Friend is now installed and ready to use
  28. You can access it from Home > Addons > Fishermans Friend


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