How To Advertise Online And The Best Digital Platforms To Use

How To Advertise Online And The Best Digital Platforms To Use

The era of offline advertising for all types of businesses has died. Now only two cases are justified to place offline advertising:

  1. Banners and signboards with the name of a business in the location of a business or in the closest proximity to it (store/office/hotel/car repair station and so on). They can be replenished with the indicators showing the location
  2. When the advertisement is done by big companies like Walmart, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, etc.

As for the rest – their efficiency is from several to several dozen times higher when placed online than offline. For instance, it takes approximately 57 dollars to reach 1,000 views by direct mail, 28 USD on TV, and only 2.50 USD when placed on social media.

So what are the best channels to start placing your advertisement online? Let’s go from the highest efficiency to the lowest.

Search engines

It is often referred to as ‘SEO’ – Search Engine Optimization. For that, you are closely working with your site’s content, making it SEO optimal from several points: inclusion of the right keywords and phrases, optimizing it from a technical point of view, speed of loading and interesting content for the audience. Then it can reach to the top of the search results and be included to the first or second page (the most popular two, as users don’t usually go farther than that). This organic way is almost free of charge, as you don’t pay for appearing in the top results.

Can’t you make the right SEO optimization but don’t want to lose an excellent channel of visitors’ inflow to your site? Then your choice is paid search result. You pay money to Google to be shown in the top several results when people enter the specific keywords in the Google search. A paid way means that your positions will be immediately lost after you stop paying.

Social media

There are several ways. Promoted posts – when some popular blogger writes about your brand or product, adding pictures/videos to the text. Sponsored links – when the link with your product appears in the search results on social media.


YouTube’s popularity has started a new word: vlogs (a combination of ‘video’ + ‘blogs’ = video blogs). YouTube is the most popular video advertising platform in the world (with the highest traffic) and video ads have already become the best way to bring your idea to billions of people. Video ads are most watched/reposted/liked than picture/textual ads and have better response rates. Also, it is possible to show ad videos in multiple ways to increase the flexibility of the outcome.

Standalone sites

There are billions of sites all over the world and lots of them have places for the ads to be shown on their pages. Most modern sites specifically designed to have these places. You can use them to show your banners/embedded ad/textual ad/links/videos/pictures. Some sites are quite popular, which makes them perfect locations to show your ads to visitors. The more the site is popular, the more money placing an ad there will cost.

Native advertising

It is an embedded video/audio/picture/text that is so relevant and similar to the surrounding content that it is hard or impossible to tell that this is advertising. We highlight this type of ad simply because it is interesting on its own, while it actually can be a part of any of above-mentioned channels. This is actually a very effective type of commercial and we placed it to the tail of the list only because we didn’t want to lose it from the sight but it is not an advertising platform itself.

As an afterword: benefits of online commercial

Placing ad offline, you can’t know who will see it if anyone at all. Placing it online, you can show it straightforward to real alive people, taking into account their age, preferences, history of visits and purchases, geolocation, which makes online advertising platforms not only low-cost but also highly effective.

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