Honkai: Star Rail – Seele build and ascension guide

honkai star rail seele
honkai star rail seele

This early build guide focuses on Seele, a powerful character in Honkai Impact 3rd. It provides key tips, strategies, and equipment recommendations to maximize Seele’s combat prowess.

Equipment recommendations include weapons that enhance Seele’s damage output, stigmata set that boost Seele’s critical damage and elemental damage, signature weapon and stigmata, skill priority, team composition, battle strategies, and elemental weaknesses.

Skill priority includes skills that improve Seele’s damage output, evasion capabilities, and survivability, while team composition includes support characters who can enhance her damage or provide healing and defensive buffs.

Battle strategies include using Seele’s evasion ability to dodge enemy attacks and trigger powerful counterattacks, making use of Seele’s ultimate ability to unleash devastating damage on multiple enemies, and exploiting elemental weaknesses by equipping Seele with the appropriate elemental damage type.

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