HMD Teases Its First Self-Branded Smartphones

HMD Teases Its First Self-Branded Smartphones

In a bold move towards sustainability, HMD Global is set to unveil its self-branded smartphones later this year, with an expected launch in July. The company’s recent teasers offer a glimpse into its innovative approach, focusing on easy screen replacements and repairability as key features.

The teaser images, showcasing the iconic HMD logo, confirm that the smartphones will be available in black and pink colors. The pink variant boasts a luxurious satin-like finish, hinting at a sophisticated design ethos. While specific specifications are yet to be revealed, speculation from industry insiders suggests that one of the devices may feature a 108MP main camera and could be named Fusion or Legend.

Moreover, HMD reassures consumers that the Nokia brand is not fading away just yet. Under the banner of “Human Mobile Devices,” Nokia phones will continue to be part of the company’s offerings, with plans to reintroduce an iconic phone this summer. Additionally, HMD hints at the emergence of new brands in its portfolio this year.

At the recent Mobile World Congress 2024, HMD reiterated its commitment to producing affordable, beautiful, and repairable phones. James Robinson, Vice President of Europe, Americas, and Enterprise at HMD, expressed excitement about streamlining the repair process, starting this summer, and making technology more accessible worldwide without burdening consumer wallets.

As HMD gears up for its smartphone ventures, leaked renders suggest a sleek matte black finish and a dual-camera array, promising a blend of style and functionality.

Beyond smartphones, HMD’s ambitious plans include the release of tablets and wireless earbuds, further diversifying its product lineup. With MWC 2024 just around the corner, anticipation is high for HMD’s official announcements, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of mobile technology.

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