Google To Delete Inactive Gmail Accounts from December

Google Chrome bug
Google Chrome bug

The technology giant, Google will soon begin the process of deleting inactive accounts globally. Google will delete everything including photos, emails, and documents from the inactive accounts.

According to Google updates, Billions of Gmail accounts have been created since the Gmail service was introduced by the company.

A single Gmail account can be used for everything of Google and many useful features from the company such as Gmail, YouTube, Search, Google Meet, Calendar and Google Drive.

However, there are a large number of accounts that have been inactive for a long time and Google says that this is a major security risk. According to Google, deleting these inactive accounts will help the company to improve its security measures.

All inactive accounts are easy targets of hackers and thus can be used for illegal activities by third-party actors. So to avoid the illegal use of Gmail products, Google is taking the step of deleting inactive accounts starting from December 2023.

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