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7 Essential iPhone Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

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If you had to choose one thing you couldn’t live without, most of the people would surely bet for mobile phone. No wonder, since today is the primary source of communication. iPhone is a real treasury of personal information. From contacts through different passwords, bank accounts information to private images and videos. Mobile phones hide many secrets; it’s a good idea to secure it well. 

Essential iPhone Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

Many people underestimate the importance of locking their phones. Unfortunately, breaking the phone code is a piece of cake for many hackers. If you want to make sure your mobile is safe enough, follow the advice we provided below. Here you can find essential iPhone security tips to keep your data safe.


According to the specialists from Security Gladiators, iPhones and iPads are often used to access the internet. While the security features mentioned above are great for keeping your device secure, they can do nothing to protect you and your data from malicious actors on the internet. This is where a VPN comes in. A virtual private network is a powerful tool that secures your device by providing you with private storage of your total internet traffic. All the data you use on the internet is locked, even for your internet provider. Look for the best VPN for iPhone and enjoy absolute privacy and security.

Go to Safari 

Many people don’t know that Apple offers inbuild Safari privacy features that other popular browsers, like Google Chrome, Firefox, and more, don’t have. Safari limits the amount of information passed to search engines when a user searches using the Smart Search field. It provides users with transparency and control around data that is shared. Moreover, it secures you from advertisers that track you around websites like Facebook or Google and browse your history.

Create a long password 

Simple as it seems, important as it is, long and complex password is a significant hindrance for the hackers. Even though complicated passwords can be annoying while typing, using alphanumeric, mixed-case characters will definitely increase the number of possible combinations. Comparing it to 4 or 6 digit passcodes that most people use because of its convenience, a robust password will make it much harder to decode and will surely keep your phone secured. 

Lock notification screen options

Even if you provide your iPhone with many complex passwords, you won’t be able to secure the data that pop out on your screen. Some messages contain important codes, financial data, private images, and more. Letting it appear on the screen without security is a tasty bite for any hacker who doesn’t even need to break into your phone. In order to keep better control over your phone data, lock your screen. In this case, less is more.

One device – differ

A very commonent passwords

 mistake is that many people use the same password across a few or even all of their accounts. We understand the simplicity and convenience of this idea, but you should also be aware of the risk it takes. From iOS 12, the iPhone password manager shows up with the new feature so-called password auditing. The tool provides you with information about any duplicates, as well as checks the strength of the passwords, suggests the changes, and guides you through the process. The tool is also responsible for the storage of all the complicated passwords you have to your accounts. It’s a really smart way to keep your data safe. 

Turn off Siri

The greatest virtual assistant Siri provides users with information, answers any questions, and gives recommendations and facilitates the iPhone usage with a hands-free option. However, Siri can share your personal data with hackers quite easily. Even though the tool asks for verification, many people found ways to bypass security and get access to personal data. If you want your iPhone safer, you should consider giving up Siri. 

Discard automatic WiFi connections 

iPhones have the feature that allows your device to connect automatically to WiFi hotspot without asking for permission. It’s a very convenient way but also an excellent opportunity for cybercriminals to get access to your phone. Many hackers create a fake network in order to scam your data. If you want to prevent such situations, we highly recommend you to turn off this WiFi option. 

The bottom line

Securing your iPhone does not only make your device safe but also provides you with a peace of mind. Even though it may be a time-consuming thing, once you get through the security process, you can relax and enjoy using your iPhone without the fear that someone can get into your data.

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