10 Best Free PDF Editor Tools in 2021

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It is very hard to come across a free PDF editor that has great features. Most of the free editors do not allow users to change the images in the document or add personal graphics, sign, or fill out forms among other activities. 

This article will outline the 10 Best Free PDF Editor Tools in 2021 that can be easily accessed from any browser and meet the users needs. They are easy to use since all you have to do while using them is upload the PDF file to the site, make the desired edition and save back the file on your computer. 

CocoDoc PDF Editor

CocoDoc PDF editor is one of the most reliable, flexible and convenient tools that give users ease and a great user experience while editing a PDF file. Additionally, you can use CocoDoc without having to download other soft wares. 


Unlike most free PDF editors, CocoDoc has a variety of features and it allows users to make both major and minor editions for free. Some of the features it offers are; changing the dimensions, using templates to customize a document, encrypting them, allowing the user to sign among other uses.

CocoDoc allows users to create documents that can be printed and shared at the same time. It is the easiest way of editing a document thus saving time and the need for other external software such as Acrobat. Go to CocoDoc official site and edit your PDF in a matter of minutes. 

Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda is a very reliable online editor. It is one of the editors that allow you to edit a PDF without adding a watermark. Most of the PDF editors we have only allowed you to edit a file you added yourself or they add a watermark to your edited file.

Additionally, this editor can be used on any browser that means anybody can use it with ease. It also allows you to edit your files without having to necessarily download any extra programs. 


Inkscape is a renowned tool for both image viewing and editing. However, it is also one of the best PDF editing tools there is. Unfortunately, there are features you cannot access unless you pay for them and most people who need extreme edition for their files are left with no choice but to get the paid package. 

If you are looking for a tool to help you edit or delete images in a PDF file, then Inkscape is a good tool for that. But if you are looking to edit forms, add shapes then choose any other editor from this list because Inkscape might not help you much. Inkscape can be used on MacOS, Linux as well as Windows. 

PDFescape PDF Editor

The PDFescape has very many functionalities and they are all free. However, it is only free if the file is 100 pages or 10MB and below. The editor allows you to edit photos, add texts, links, and forms.

The editor has a very flexible text tool that allows you to adjust font type and size, color, alignment, and uses bold and italics as well as underlining. 

It also allows you to insert shapes, draw, add sticky notes, and hide anything you do not want using white space. It also gives you a chance to delete and rotate pages. You can crop a page and even add more pages. You can also assign how you want the pages to follow each other. 

PDF-Xchange Editor

PDF-Xchange editor has some very good features. However not all the features are free to use. The tool automatically puts a watermark on any page you edit with a feature that is not free. 

Altogether, the free features allow you to do some basic editing which might be useful if you do not need complex editions. 

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

Smallpdf offers the easiest and fastest ways to add a photo, text, shape or signature to your PDF file. 

The tool is absolutely free and it allows you to add shapes, adjust font size and color. It also allows you to increase the thickness of the borderline of the shapes and the color. Additionally, you can have all these changes without signing up for an account. 


PDF BOB is a free online editor for PDF. You do not need to have an account with PDF to edit your file. You will just need to upload your file, amend what you need to then export the document to PDF again and save it.

You can edit the font type and color, image, and a couple of shapes. You can delete some pages and add new ones too. 


The editor is free and it has really great features but it does not allow you to save the edited document without putting a watermark on every page that has been edited. However, the watermark is behind the writings so you are still able to read the document well after editing. 


It can be used on both Windows and macOS. The basic version allows the user to convert a PDF file into a word document that is easy to edit. It is easy to add, remove or flip pages while using this tool. 


For you to edit your document with google document, you will need to sign up for a google account, then upload the file you want to edit on the google document. Once you are done editing save it or download it to your device. 

Editing a PDF document in 2021 should not be a hustle. Visit any of these sites for all your PDf editing purposes. With CocoDoc you will not only obtain free services, but also services that are worth the trial.

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