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Your family’s safety is a top priority. Phone tracker apps make it even easier to ensure the safety and overall well-being of your family members. These apps have advanced features to help you locate your family members at any point in time. In addition, they have various features which can be exploited to ensure that social communication remains safe and friendly. With features like geofencing, it is possible to set up an alert that notifies you each time a member of your family moves out of a specified area. This can be useful to prevent truancy in kids. Call and social media tracking are big tools that can be used to prevent bullying and inappropriate communication. The best phone trackers for keeping your family close are discussed below. 


uMobix phone tracker is a state-of-the-art mobile phone tracker to track the members of your family. This phone tracker app has all the features you need to monitor your kids and family members to ensure their physical and online safety. With great capabilities such as call monitoring and GPS locating, you can ensure your family members have a healthy mobile experience. One of the great selling points of this phone tracker is the number of social media apps it supports and is the best phone tracker for Whatsapp. uMobix can be invisibly installed on your target device, so your target isn’t aware they are being tracked. uMobix is reasonably priced and offers an intuitive dashboard to monitor all the activities on your target devices. 


This family tracker software is great for monitoring all activities on a target device, be it a phone or computer. Flexispy works silently in the background, and so your target remains oblivious to its tracking. This tracker app is a great tool for guaranteeing the safety of your family members, as you can use it to pinpoint their locations. You can even take a picture remotely so you can determine what is going on in your surroundings. This app also allows you to monitor the usage of apps on the target device. You are even able to uninstall unwanted apps remotely through the Flexispy dashboard. 


Clevguard is another phone tracking application that allows you to keep tabs on your kids. The geofencing feature can be set up so that you are notified if your kids move out of a specified radius. With this, you can ensure that they don’t skip school or wander into dangerous territories. You can look into files saved on the device and even take a screenshot to know what exactly is being done on the phone at any point in time. 

Family Orbit

Family Orbit is a nice tool to help you control what your kids access on their mobile devices. It features app tracking, which tells you how much time they spend on their phone and in each app. You are also able to restrict access to certain apps and can even lock the phone completely. It also features GPS tracking to help you make sure your kids are where they should be at all times. Family Orbit is a great tool to ensure your children are doing the right things and are in the right places. 


Famisafe is a reliable phone tracker app that helps you keep your family safe. This phone tracker app lets you monitor the location of your children in real-time. You are also given the ability to monitor which apps your kids use on their phones. Do your kids spend too much time on social media? FamiSafe lets you limit the amount of time they can spend on specified apps. There is also a web filter that lets you keep improper content off the screens of your children’s devices. FamiSafe allows you to monitor up to five devices. 


Another easy way to keep your children and family safe and out of trouble. XNSPY is a cool and easy-to-use cell phone tracker app that allows you to listen to calls made on a target phone. It even allows you to record these calls for future use. You can also view the target device’s call history and phone book to ensure your family is not in communication with any shady or questionable character. This app is another one with GPS location services that enable you to locate your children from the comfort of your house or anywhere you are. 


Snoopza is a free phone monitoring software that can be installed in a device to track its location and activities. Snoopza puts features such as call monitoring, SMS spy, and GPS location at your fingertips. The advanced features of Snoopza are, however, locked behind a premium subscription. The premium version gives you access to features like call recording, screenshots, invisible tracking, and many more. You can also monitor what your children see online with its internet history feature. This app is only available for Android devices. 


mSpy is a popular “spy app” that can be used to monitor and control your children’s activities on their mobile devices. This app lets you monitor your children’s phone and app usage. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you do not have to worry about compatibility issues. mSpy tracks phone location, social media usage, browser history, phone book, call log, etc. It also gives you the ability to block access to certain websites on the target phone and a keylogger that gives you a detailed report on all the activities carried out on the smartphone. 


A Glympse app is a great tool for locating family members. It also has a built-in chat function that can be used to communicate. The Glympse GPS location feature is intuitive and easy to use, giving you directions if you plan to move towards a located family member. Although glympse doesn’t have as many features as many other apps listed here, it performs its functions effectively. 


Spyic is useful if you plan on tracking your kids without alerting them. This phone tracker app can be used to determine the location of your children in a few clicks. Once you have the Spyic app up and running on both devices, the tracking runs seamlessly. Besides location tracking, you can also monitor the ingoing and outgoing calls on the target device and SMS messages. The remote screenshot feature gives you an idea of what is happening on the phone at specific times. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. 


Ensuring the safety of your kids no longer has to be a problem with the use of cell phone tracker apps. With the use of geo-location, these apps can pinpoint the exact location of a device and, by extension, the user to an impressive accuracy. The overall best on this list with all the features you’ll need to keep a close eye on your children is uMobix. This phone tracker app packs all the important features and is affordable and totally worth the price. 

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