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List of Best Must Have Free Amazon Fire TV Stick Apps

Best Free Apps for Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick 2018


Best Free Apps for Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick January 2019

If you are looking for the best apps for Firestick and Fire TV, you are in the right place. Here are the best apps for Firestick and Fire TV. We regularly update our resources. We encourage bookmarking our page to get the latest updates and checking back frequently. Both Fire TV & Firestick from Amazon are great devices. These devices are emerging, as must-have devices for technical junkies & amateurs alike.

These are versatile and compatible products and for this reason, they can be used with a large number of apps. Majority of these apps are a hundred percent free. These apps for Firestick and Fire TV are used for viewing and streaming content without any need for service providers or cable cords. Following are the popular apps for Firestick and Fire TV. Some apps require direct installation from the app store of Amazon. Some of these need sideloading. Have a look at following apps.        

Kodi for Firestick

Name of Kodi needs no introduction. It is mainly open-source software available for downloading and installing on almost all kind of devices. Kodi is perfectly compatible with both Firestick and fire TV. It does not cost any sum for these two platforms. Kodi allows installation of multiple apps as well as add-ons carrying contents of varying types for viewers. As an Amazon store for apps does not support Kodi, side loading makes it available on the device of Fire TV. After downloading, there come endless opportunities with Kodi software.

Kodi has real power in the form of hundreds of varying add-ons. Each of these add-ons is in turn house to millions of TV shows, music, and movies with much more to count on. You must check Kodi add-ons that are popular for providing entertainment stuff of different types as each add-on deals with a different type of content and comes from different developers.    

IPVanish VPN for Fire TV

A VPN allows you to safely browse internet and Fire TV and Fire Stick without any type of fear. Experts Recommend IPVanish VPN as a best and top-rated VPN for Amazon Fire TV.

Terrarium TV for Amazon Fire TV 

Another name that needs no introduction to it being a famous entertainment source is the Terrarium TV. This TV is an all-in-1 application with free streaming functioning. It is powered by the Android. It can be called as a chock of files loaded with TV shows and movies from varying years, genres and more. Its servers have blazing fast operating speed. This TV of Terrarium offers no lagging and no buffering. Majority of its content comes with HD resolution. You can choose from many sources.

Terrarium TV has the benefit that users do not need to download any kind of add-ons and repositories as is the case with Kodi. All of its content can be accessed within this app after completing its installation. It is a perfect TV for all kind of devices allowing PK files. The unfavorable news is with respect to iPad and iPhone as these do not support Terrarium TV.


IPTV service is the most trusted service of SET TV that is available via the internet nowadays. This TV replaces cable & satellite TV. It has the ability to serve up more than 500 channels, all HD, for a lower per month cost of just $20. SET is very popular for its sports content. It has seasonal packages for NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL. Such services also provide complete access to per view payment process for the varying type of sporting events. There are streaming features that support on-demand requirements for hundreds of TV shows and movies. You do not need to sign any contracts. Viewers can pay their invoices per month directly via their online account of SET TV.           

Mobdro for Fire TV/Stick

In order to avoid paying 20 each month for enjoying SET-TV, you can choose Mobdro. Mobdro must be your priority due to it being free of cost streaming application. Mobdro provides large numbers of TV channels (live channels as well) from worldwide sources.  Latest updates of Mobdro increase its functionality. As per its recent update, it allows its users to record content to their hard drive of respective devices so that it can be enjoyed later on. A drawback of Mobdro is that there are many channels that do not come with HD quality. However, considering its versatility and functioning as compared to other entertainment apps, it makes perfect alternative for all viewers looking out for free channels with live entertainment.

Downloader for Fire TV

This one among best apps for Firestick and Fire TV is basically an application for downloading files. It is used for sideloading of apps on Fire TV`s device.  There are many apps that cannot be found at the app store of Amazon. In order to install these apps, a downloader is required. Other apps such as terrarium TV, Kodi with others need to use downloader for the installation. Use of downloader for installing makes the process easy. It is just like the installation of application & entering the URL of a respective website that you need to download or load.

After downloading this application, your Firestick or Fire TV will turn to a power machine for continuous streaming. For unlocking complete package of capabilities of your device, this app is a worth trying. Downloader is easy to download & install. It is free when you install it on Amazon Appstore. Go there and search for downloader by writing it in the search box.    


Everyone using the internet very well knows about YouTube. This video streaming machine is one of the most popular streaming apps nowadays. A recent update is that Amazon has removed it from its app store because of its clash with Google. Well, you do not need to worry as you can still get it for Fire TV and Firestick through sideloading option by using the downloader app. This YouTube won`t be an official one but it will work just like the original one.  Another way to install YouTube is to use a downloader tool for an efficient and easy installation.

Final Words

All of the above-mentioned apps are worth trying. It depends on your needs. You can choose one as per your priorities and budget whether you want it free, or want to spend some money. The choice is yours.

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