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Axie Infinity MarketPlace

Axie Infinity is a famous NFT game. To start gaming Axie Infinity, you will have to buy points, also known as Axies, from the Axie Infinity Marketplace. Axie Infinity Marketplace is a one stop solution where you can purchase various game-related times such as land, Axies, and other in-game content and items.

Due to various features, Axie Infinity is the first choice of many gamers. It has attracted many gamers from every region of the world. Its engaging gameplay and earning capabilities have kept this game on the top. Players can earn SLP and AXS points to convert to cryptocurrencies and real money.

Here in this article, you will find all the essential elements of the Axie Infinity Marketplace in proper detail. This guide will help you to explore the basic understandings of the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

What is Axie Infinity Marketplace?

Before talking about the Axie Infinity Marketplace, let’s talk about What NFT is in real?  NFT is also known as a Non-Fungible Token. These are the token that one cannot replace or replicate in any other format. NFT can be a photo, audio, or video content. For example, one cryptocurrency can be interchanged with another with the same value. However, you cannot change a video content with the audio or a photo.

The NFT concept is almost the same as cryptocurrencies. The only main difference is that NFTs are in the form of artworks, video content, antiques, and other unique items. Cryptocurrencies are coins that can be used as money for selling and purchasing items online or at physical stores.

Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are added to the blockchain. Another difference between an NFT and a cryptocurrency is that the value of NFT is reduced when you split it into parts. However, the value of cryptocurrencies is not decreased even if you split them into different fragments. Different copies of the NFT can be sold on the various marketplaces.

NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace is the place where you can do trading of NFTs. Marketplace gives you a platform where you can buy and sell items. You can signup on an NFT marketplace and connect your wallets to it.

Axie Infinity Features There are four main features of Axie Infinity Gameplay. These are land, battels, marketplace, and breeding. Let’s explore this one by one in detail.

Marketplace: NFT Marketplace is where you can trade the NFTs and connect your crypto wallets.

Land: Land is like a home for Axies. Land in Axie Infinity is divided into different parts, and each part is an ERC-721 token.

Breeding: Breeding allows you to earn crypto rewards and convert them into real money.

Battle: Battle in Axie Infinity consists of two modes, i.e., Adventure and PVP mode. Both the methods have different elements.

AXS Tokens

AXS or Axie Infinity Shards are the tokens by which players earn cryptocurrencies. These ERC-20 tokens can be earned by simply playing the Axie Infinity game. Players can earn these tokens by participating in online events or other initiatives.

How to Use NFT Marketplace with Axie Infinity?

To start using NFT Marketplace, you have to create an account on the MetaMask, Ronin, and will need ETH.

So what is MetaMask? It is a digital currency wallet where you can connect with the Ethereum blockchain.

nft marketplace

How to Start with MetaMask?

On Chrome or Firefox browser, install the MetaMask browser extension. After installation, sign up on MetaMask to get your wallet ready. Now go to the Axie Infinity Marketplace and direct it to Metamask. In this way, after the completion of the verification process, you will be able to buy Axies from the NFT Marketplace.

How to Start with MetaMask?


He Sky Mavis creates ronin or Ronin Wallet. It is the sidechain of the main Ethereum blockchain. All the Axie Infinity players need registration on the Ronin Wallet before they want to play the game.

How to signup on Ronin Wallet?

  • Open Axie Infinity website
  • Click on the “Get Started” button
  • Follow the signup instructions on the next page
  • Now add Ronin Wallet as a browser extension

Unique Elements of Axie Infinity Marketplace

Other NFT marketplaces provide only NFT-related trading, but Axie Infinity is where you can buy Axie Infinity in-game items. This marketplace contains only game-related items mainly. Other NFTs are not available on the Axie Infinity Marketplace as its focus is only on game items.

Fee of Axie Infinity Marektplace

Online marketplaces are not free. For trading, you need to pay some amount. In the Axie Infinity, there is a fee of 4.25% for trading. For example, if you trade $10, you will have to give 4.25% to the marketplace. Sky Mavis takes the fee, which is the developer of Axie Infinity. 4.25% fee is for sellers, not for buyers. Buyers of Axies Infinity have to pay the gas fee of the transaction.

Axie Infinity Marketplace Payment Methods

Axie Infinity is not supporting standard payment methods like a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. It only accepts Ethereum.

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