Apple’s Foldable Device is in Design Phase But isn’t an iPhone – Reports

Apple's Foldable Device is in Design Phase But isn't an iPhone - Reports

Although other competitors are already in the business regarding foldable, like always, Apple is thinking about the design. According to new reports from the supply chain sources, Apple’s foldable iPhone project is now in the design phase.

This means that Apple is working on various elements of the upcoming foldable. Sources further say that the design phase is completed, and Apple is planning for mass production.

The supply chain sources suggest that, although the design work is almost completed, we will see Apple foldable in the coming two years. According to rumours, Apple’s foldable will not be an iPhone.

The company is working on two foldable for now. Apple is planning to reproduce iPads in the foldable category at the first stage, and then they will move to other popular products, i.e., the iPhone.

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