Apple Watch Feature Saves US Student’s Life After Exposure to Deadly Gas

Apple Watch feature saves US student’s life after exposure to deadly gas.

The Apple Watch is becoming a real-life superhero! People keep sharing incredible stories about how this nifty gadget is saving lives. 

In the latest tale of Apple Watch heroism, a student faced a silent danger—carbon monoxide poisoning. But guess what? The smartwatch came to the rescue! The student used the SOS call feature to summon help and dodge a potential disaster swiftly.

Natalie Nasatka, a student from Delaware, was saved from almost dying due to carbon monoxide poisoning thanks to the SOS button on her Apple Watch. 

The story was featured on CBS, which explains how Natalie, who was feeling tired and about to pass out, pressed the SOS button on her watch to alert rescuers to a potentially fatal gas leak caused by a malfunctioning heater.

The colorless, odorless, and tasteless silent killer carbon monoxide, which can be found in common equipment, kills over 400 people a year and sends 50,000 Americans to emergency rooms.

However, Rescuers arrived quickly and were able to save Natalie’s life. The Apple Watch’s ability to save lives is evident; its vital SOS function and health monitoring capabilities make it a hero in an emergency.

Also, Two Apple Watch users wrote to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, about how their watches had saved their lives. Cook personally responded to each user to acknowledge their experiences.


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