Apple Vision Pro Could Take Four Generations to Reach ‘Ideal Form’

Apple Vision Pro Could Take Four Generations to Reach 'Ideal Form'

Apple’s recently launched Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, though heralded as an advanced piece of technology, is seen by some insiders as a preview of the future rather than a finished product.

According to prominent Apple tipster Mark Gurman, employees working on the headset believe it could take up to four generations before the device reaches its “ideal form.”

Current limitations include its weight, short battery life, and a lack of dedicated apps, with the software being described as feeling like a beta version. Gurman suggests that it may take about a year before the Vision Pro is refined enough for everyday consumer use.

Despite its mixed reviews, the Vision Pro is recognized for its potential to challenge the iPad’s position, particularly in tasks like video streaming and light work. However, Gurman advises potential users to hold off on investing in the $3,500 headset until significant software improvements and hardware refinements are made.

The Vision Pro appears to be a work in progress, and its journey to becoming an iPad replacement may require several iterations before reaching its full potential.

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