Apple Releases iOS 13.7 Surprise Update with Covid-19 Upgrade

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It looks like the updates in the iOS 13 will never end. The current and latest update to iOS 13 is just amazing and takes a special place on your phone. The 13.7 updates from Apple are designed while looking at the current situation in mind. The update covers the current globally pandemic the Covid-19.

The Covid-19 update is special, it runs the app in the background and takes notes on the move. It takes notes of the people around you. If in the future, someone from the noted list tests positive for the virus the phone will give you a notification. Looks amazing and is the new thing in the technology.

You can get by going to settings from your iPhone and then to General. Click on Software update from General and then click on Download & Install. The app works on both iPhone and iPad.

The article was published in where further details can be found. Apple iOS 13 users can also visit for further details for the newly introduced iOS 13.7

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