Apple Is Working on Smart Display for Smart Home Control – Reports

apple smart display

In a new update on the tech giant, Apple is reportedly working on intelligent displays for smart homes. In a release by GSMArena, Apple is working on a bundle of devices that will improve the performance of intelligent homes. The new devices will compete with Google and Amazon.

The intelligent devices range will start from iPad mounted on a smart home’s walls. The innovative iPad will control various elements of your home, such as lights, play videos, thermostats, and in some cases, also handle FaceTime chats.

Besides the wall-mounted iPad, there are discussions about the intelligent home screens in the Apple headquarters. To improve the performance of its devices, Apple Inc is also planning to improve the speed of the processers in the next iteration of devices.

There are reports that a new smart device combined with the Apple TV box and FaceTime camera is also in thought.

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