Apple will let you roll back the iPhone’s security patches

ios security update
ios security update

But only if you have a truly worthy reason should you do so.

Apple will allow you to uninstall the security updates deployed through iOS 16’s Rapid Security Response mechanism, which may apply patches without requiring you to upgrade your iPhone completely (or, in certain situations, without having to restart it). According to a MacRumors support post, you may uninstall a Rapid Security Response update by heading to Settings > General > About, then pressing on the iOS Version. or, in certain situations, without having to restart it.

The guide provides no examples of why you would need to remove one of the updates, potentially leaving your phone vulnerable to the flaw it defends against.

It’s simple to foresee a few unique situations in which the capability may be valuable, such as if one accidentally corrupts some important work-related software or management tools. Otherwise, it’s one of those things that most people should never use unless they have a very specific purpose and totally understand what they’re doing. — similar to the new severe Lockdown Mode, which includes protection against “extremely sophisticated” targeted intrusions.

Rapid Security Response is turned on by default, but you can turn it off by going to Settings > General > Software Update > Automatic Updates and unchecking “Security Responses and System Files.” If you do, you’ll have to wait for entire iOS updates to get the security patches. Again, unless you have a unique need for it, I would suggest deactivating the functionality, given how many of Apple’s recent updates have fixed serious flaws.

The technique is also coming to macOS in Ventura, which hasn’t been formally published yet — so yet, Apple’s substances for its desktop OS don’t say whether you’ll be able to roll back those upgrades as well.

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