Apple changed how reading books works in iOS 16, and I may never be happy again

Apple Books app iOS
Apple Books app iOS

For years, Apple Books has been my primary reading software for one reason: its page-turning animation is by far the finest in the market.

Unfortunately, it was removed in iOS 16 and has been replaced by a new animation that simulates moving cards through a deck rather than leafing through a digitized facsimile of paper.

And, despite the fact that I’ve been attempting to adjust to the shift since joining the beta in July, I still feel like Apple has ruined one of the last ways my phone offered me joy. When you tapped or swiped on the left or right side of your device prior to iOS 16, the app would play a page-turning animation.

It’s as if I’m reading a PDF rather than a book. As far as I can tell, that experience has vanished in iOS 16, replaced by an animation that would not look out of place in a Tinder knockoff or a PDF-viewing utility app.

The only option I’ve found for changing the page-turning experience is to turn the book into a single vertically scrolling page, which I find even more offensive than the new animation.

The iOS 16 version of the books app has some genuinely good upgrades, but it’s no longer a joy to use, which is a real shame in my opinion.

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