Facebook Dating finally adds age verification

facebook dating age verification
facebook dating age verification

To validate their age, Meta will request a photo ID or a video selfie.

Three years after launching Facebook Dating in the United States, Meta is now allowing users to verify their age.

Meta is again seeking assistance from Yoti, as it did when it began testing age verification on Instagram this summer.

In the latter situation, Meta will send Yoti a video still “and nothing else.” Based on your facial traits, Yoti’s machine-learning system calculates your age.

You will destroy the photograph after the business has shared its estimate with Meta.

According to Instagram, technology has prevented 96 percent of minors from altering their birthdays to seem to be above the age of 18.

In the case of Facebook Dating, whatever reservations individuals have about the technology may be overcome by the fact that it is being used to safeguard kids from online predators.

Facebook Dating age verification is presently accessible exclusively in the United States.

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