WhatsApp iOS Users Now Can Send Uncompressed HD Images and Videos

WhatsApp iOS Users Now Can Send Uncompressed HD Images and Videos

WhatsApp introduced a new feature of its iOS app that will send images and video files in original shape without any kind of alteration.

Using the latest update, iOS users will now be able to send media files (photos, videos) without doing any kind of additional compression. This new feature is separate from the HD-quality media file transfer added to WhatsApp last year.

HD quality media sharing would compress the files before sending, and the quality was near the original. It is easy to transfer files on iOS in unaltered quality.

Users must pick the option by tapping the plus (+) icon in the chat window and selecting document< choose photo or video. The image or video the user selects will then be sent to any WhatsApp user in its original state.

Up to 2GB files can be sent in an uncompressed form. The said feature was in the testing phase for a long time and is finally available in a stable version this week.

The same feature is available on other apps, such as Telegram, which have had the same option for years. WhatsApp should have done this years ago, but it’s better late than never.

The only drawback is that this feature is for iPhone users only, and there are no updates on when the same quality will be available on Android. For now, they can only receive files in an unaltered state from iOS devices.

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