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Web Development frameworks provide some structure and guidance to those building web apps instead of websites (which tend to be more static). For instance, frameworks like Laravel & Django encourage developers to follow best practices and work consistently – they help cut down on duplicate code and redundant tasks. This makes it easier to manage multiple websites, as common areas of code can be re-used, but they also assist in creating a consistent experience for site visitors.

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If you’ve been looking at frameworks to build next-generation applications, chances are you’ve heard about Angular.js. Angular was released in 2012 and received a lot of interest from web developers. It’s pretty different from other frameworks and provides many features to speed up development and improve code quality.

It helps you to separate your concerns. With the help of dependency injection, it brings in modularity. Thus, Angular is not only about HTML but also making it easy to build web apps. Nowadays, there are a lot of frameworks based on JavaScript like BackboneJS, ExtJS, KnockoutJS, and many more.

We can also mention technologies like Python and Ruby on Rails. One day we had the idea of combining several of these to make a complete technology stack and making our development life easier and faster.

Laravel PHP

Laravel has become a household name for developers who use PHP, which made me wonder – why Laravel? It’s because of the speed – agility – and cleanliness of coding it brings to PHP. It was released on June 13, 2011. Unlike other popular PHP frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails or Symfony, Laravel does not require configuration nor specific tools/scripts to generate application code.

In July 2017, it was listed as the most popular PHP framework on Github. Initially released in 2011, the framework was based on many of the principles Otwell found in Rails and other web frameworks. Laravel depends on PHP and MySQL or MariaDB and comprises many features commonly used in web development projects. Neutrino, a lightweight package written in pure PHP, is used as its primary web server.


React.JS is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It makes the page (and the code) much easier and more fun to develop. React.JS emphasizes declarative programming and static rendering, and because of it, you can focus on the logic and semantics of your application instead of managing its state or orchestrating DOM updates.

It can be used to build UIs for your web application or UI components in your Node.JS backend system. Initially released in 2013, React was open-sourced on Github in March 2014, has since become the most popular front-end framework for developing a mobile application.


Microsoft has long since created a version of ASP.NET for developers who don’t use the entire stack of their web framework. ASP.NET MVC instead follows in the path of other lightweight frameworks, making it easier to create web applications using only an MVC pattern. Using ASP.NET MVC, you can build applications that are fully integrated into ASP.NET’s security, membership, and caching systems.

It works with Visual Studio 2010 to make it easy to get started and gives you the flexibility to use any other editor or IDE you want while still following MVC’s best practices.

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