Prepaway – Preparation Tips for Passing Microsoft 70-764 Certification Exam

Preparation Tips for Passing Microsoft 70-764 Certification Exam

Microsoft 70-764 is an incredibly significant exam. It is designed especially for database professionals. The IT specialists who have passed this certification test are able to configure, maintain, and implement certain operations to the SQL server. It is associated with the MCSA certificate. There are many benefits because Microsoft certifications will enhance your career prospects.

Preparation Tips for Microsoft 70-764 Exam

The certification test is not so simple and requires a lot of effort from the individual. Hence, we have some hacks for you, which will help you in passing this MCSA exam.

  • Study Plan

A proper foolproof study plan is the precursor to a successful covering of all the themes of the course. Studying for any exam requires a lot of dedication and passion. Nothing works without true ambition and passion for a goal you aspire for.

Therefore, to achieve it, one must have a well-designed plan in order to complete the essential steps required to learn the course. The first thing you ought to do is to make a blueprint and act on it immediately. The plan should include time for your breaks and time for your rest. You should not exercise your mind and body too much. A proper amount of rest time should be there to help you as well.

The Microsoft 70-764 exam is rather difficult thus you will need to thoroughly study all the contents already mentioned in the exam objectives. The plan should be realistic so that you are able to achieve it, take out your time for revision as well. The previous concepts that you have learned will need a little revisiting, so you do not forget them.

  • Study Resources

The next major step to take is to choose the proper study material for learning. There are many free and cheap courses on the Internet, which will grab your attention, but they are not worth it. Do not try to get lured into free courses, because if you fail, then the cost of retaking is more. Instead, try to invest in premium courses, which would benefit you. There are many resources you could try, and they include the following ones:

  • Video Training

The video training websites are a trend these days since they offer key explanations to major topics, which are required by the exam objectives. Video tutorials with their visual infographics help better visualize the problems and ease up the understanding process. There are numerous sites that can help you get a better grip on the concepts of the Microsoft 70-764 exam. You can try Exam-Labs, for example. These resources are not only entertaining, offering a deep insight into major concepts, but also have other added benefits on the website.

  • Books

After designing a plan for your exam preparation, the best books to choose is the next step. The Microsoft Press study guides are certainly the most recommended and the most available preparation tools. It covers all the topics that are mentioned on the Microsoft certification webpage. You can also opt for the non-Microsoft books to get a wider perspective and a deep understanding of the concepts. It will help you understand a wide array of objectives and key concepts.

  • Practical Labs

The best way to learn anything is to do it practically. Learning and theoretically knowing is good, but it’s of no use if you do not have any experience handling that information. A practical lab offers a good approach. Microsoft gives you an opportunity to practice your skill in a lab environment by offering simulated problems in an exam lab software.

When your purchase study guides from the official Microsoft website, then you will be able to try their software. You can start practicing questions, and this will help you get on a whole new level of understanding.

The practical test labs allow you to work on a product. This means you will be facing problems that you have to visualize and solve through a certain strategy and by the manipulation of data. This will improve your abilities and grant you the required experience in excelling in your field. More skills guarantee you success in passing your certification exam.

  • Practice Tests

Practice makes perfect. Much can be achieved with dedication and hard work, and with true ambition and passion, you can strive for your goals. Practice questions are offered by various websites, but many of them are not up-to-date.

Therefore, you should research which site offers the best and upgraded practice tests that are similar to the Microsoft 70-764 exam you will be sitting for. AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Tests is one of the few platforms that is recommended. It offers a bundle of practice questions, which is of the same difficulty and format as the actual exam questions.

By preparing with these tests that are compiled by the qualified IT experts, you will be able to evaluate your level and improve yourself to score better in Microsoft 70-764. Practice session only strengthens your skills and makes you aware of your mistakes.

Exam Day Tips

When taking any exam, always remember that it is normal if you do not pass it on the first try, always be confident and do not take unnecessary stress. The key to a good result is having the proper amount of rest the night before. If you do not have a good rest, your mind will not be able to respond to the mental stimulus caused by the questions. Furthermore, always prepare flashcards or revision guides or notes that you can have a look at after covering your course. This will help you revise the old concepts in less time.


Without any doubts, these tips will help you succeed in the Microsoft 70-764 certification exam. Focus on practice and be concentrated until you pass your test.

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